Hello, guys! Ascendant here with this week's first Artist you should know, and guess who it is!

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Artist Name - Yuna Ito

Genre(s) - Pop, R'nB

Active Period - 2005 - 2012

Label(s) - Studioseven Recordings

Website - http://www.yunaweb.com/ (I have no idea how dated this site is)

Album(s) -

  1. Heart
  2. Wish
  3. Dream
  4. Love: Singles Best 2005-2010

Anime Discography

One of my favorite EDs ever, is Yuna Ito's single, Trust You, from Gundam 00. I took the anime version instead of the long version, because I want all of us to take a moment to see the beauty of the painted backgrounds in the ED.


The lyrics, which aren't particularly sophisticated, and the music, which isn't overly complex, still creates a very mellow feeling, contrasting with Yuna Ito's powerful voice. The song fits the anime very well, speaking of trust, without boundaries, love, without limitations. It's a great example of how a 'cliche' type of song can still be great.

Some of the more seasoned movie-goers may recognize this great song, from the film Nana and its sequel, released way back in 2007. I know this isn't exactly an anime, yet the movie is based on the manga of the same name. This great song was evokes the tenderness of Nana Komatsu that contrasts with the 'punkness' of Nana Osaki, a character referenced in the recent anime Golden Time.


Other Awesome Songs

(I couldn't find one with a proper cover....)

Highly emotional song. I love listening to this when I'm down.

So that's it for this time's Artists You Should Know section! Hope I've made you feel at least a little mellow inside, these songs always make me feel sort of wistful.


Please write a comment here or contact me on Skype (ask for deets) if you wish to take over for a session of Artists You Should Know!

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