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This is a quick look at the manga one-shot Yours and My Romance Counselling.

Welcome to Reviews Done Quick! I've realized that there are plenty of things I'd like to share my thoughts on but I've been dissuaded based on the amount of time it takes to write an indepth and quality review. I've started this series to quickly share my thoughts on things in a more informal manner, in 15 minutes of writing. I hope you enjoy this format!


What is it?

Yours and My Romance Counseling is a manga one-shot created by Shun Saeki, one of the creators of Food War! Shokugeki No Soma. Originally published in Jump Next! it was translated into English and included in Vol 3 of Food Wars! by Viz. It details the struggle of a boy named Kobayakawa as he attempts to make a confession to his cute classmate Yui Kawai but inadvertently ends up receiving advice about girls from her.


Who is it for?

Fans of shonen romance stories, if you are reading Food Wars there is a pretty good chance you'll enjoy this one-shot.


What I Liked:

  • I enjoyed the premise for this one-shot a lot, and I felt it left me wanting more and potentially sets up the story well for a series while remaining contained enough that the ending to the chapter was satisfying.
  • The art is fantastic! Anyone who has read Food Wars knows that Saeki draws some beautiful illustrations and while not on the level of Food Wars, the chapter is very pleasing to look at with good character design.
  • The characters were likeable, I genuinely enjoyed the interactions between Kawai and Kobayakawa throughout the chapter. I was rooting for them in the end.
Illustration for article titled Yours and My Romance Counseling - Quick Review

What I Didn't Like:

  • There are a few panty-shots in this chapter. Not enough to prevent me from enjoying the chapter but bleh no thanks.
  • Too bad this didn't get picked for a series!

Final Thoughts:

I recommend everyone give this chapter a read if you can, its an enjoyable 15 minute read and if you're a sucker for shonen romance like I am then you'll definitely enjoy it. I've really been enjoying Food Wars and this was a very welcomed inclusion in the latest volume. Please consider supporting this creation by picking up Food Wars Vol 3 from VIZ!


Final Clock: 14 minutes

Link to the chapter.

If you enjoyed it, please consider supporting it by buying this!


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