Your Favorite Manga Series Is Ending

JAPAN - Breaking news is coming live from Japan, the one country to produce readable media worth your time, according to experts who know better than you.

“Today, it is with great sadness that I announce that the final chapter of BEST MANGA EVER will be posted in next month’s Super Shounen Love Shoujo Crazy Magazine READ GOOD!,” mangaka Saikou Hon told frantic members of the press. “After serializing for <longer than I should have> for <too many years>, it’s finally time to end BEST MANGA EVER.”


This news came as a great shock for many fans. “No, no, no, no,” one fan said when I asked for comment, curled up in a ball and moaning pitifully.

“It’s not over until I say it’s over,” said another fan. “Saikou Hon owes me for buying his books and is completely required to cater to my every whim at all times. The fact that he even took time away from drawing to have that press conference infuriates me. If he has time to talk, he has time to draw.”

“See, the problem is that fans think I owe them something. I have literally never missed a deadline for all these years, and besides, the fifth anime adaptation airs next fall,” Saikou Hon said in reply to these comments.

Some news outlets are reporting Saikou Hon is halting the series due to intense carpal tunnel and numerous surgeries he has had over the years to keep his hands churnin’ out some sick cash.


“On the way out of the hospital once, his hand literally fell off his arm,” one doctor told reporters. “Like, from the wrist up. It just... fell off. He picked it up, put it back on, and didn’t even try to get readmitted into the hospital.”

“I had a deadline,” Saikou Hon said. “We in the industry take these things seriously.”


When asked what he would do next after ending the series, Hon seemed to relax.

“I figure I will just dissolve into dust and blow away in the wind,” he said. “Anything else and my publisher will find me and make me start a new series.”


“I bet his ashes would taste delicious,” a fan in the crowd muttered, licking her lips.

It’s hard to say how we will all occupy our time after BEST MANGA EVER ends, but if there’s one thing this reporter is certain of, it’s that the last chapter will be a shit ending.

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