And is off to a Good Start.

CoroCoro Tv has uploaded the first chapter of the Splatoon manga, although i don┬┤t know if it will be a series like the Pok├ęmon Manga and the Mario-Kun Manga, or it is just a one-shot type.

Anyway, the manga is easy to read even if you don┬┤t know japanese. The only thing you need is basic knowledge on the Splatoon Rules and world.

But if you are curious i will give you a Snipset (Iwould have done anyway :P). The manga center on our Main Character, the Inkling with Googles, who is basically a Stupid and his three friends, the inkling with Glasses, with earphones and with that winter hat.


Anyway, these Guys will have to face, thanks to our main character, a powerful Enemy Squad who has members on High Rank Grades (S+).

The Manga has a good dose of Comedy, nice representation of the Splatoon World and Action. I mean it is truly good how the action on the Arena develops on the Turf War!


Anyway, i couldn┬┤t stop watching it with a smile on my face!

Splatoon Manga is based on the Video Game of the same name made by Nintendo for it┬┤s Home Console, The Nintendo Wii U, the game gets constantly Free updates and as a regular player of this game, i have to say that it is excellent!


If you wanna read it and get Inked (Get it?) You can read it on the CoroCoro website