It has recently been brought to my attention that our weekly café is lacking. Because I strive to bring the greatest experience to Ani-TAY, I took fellow writer FruityDrinks' advice and not only have beverages here now but also maids to serve them. Say hello to the new team.

But seriously, topic time. I have another request from FruityDrinks, that you will all answer the following question: "What's your favourite musically themed/infused anime/moments? (OST and SFX are kosher)"

For me personally, there are quite a few moments throughout anime that the music has moved me substantially in a way that would not have been possible with out it. Sword Art Online's soundtrack was so fantastic that even to this day I can listen to it and be like 'damn I liked that show'. I would go into more details because I CAN'T SHUT UP about music, but I have a strange feeling we will be hearing more of my thoughts on this soon. *ahem ahem, unsubtle foreshadowing*

Header from the greatest anime never made. We're working on that right now.

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