In another fun-filled season of the lives of part-time workers in a family restaurant, Working!!! delivers a comedic slice of life story - NOW WITH NARRATIVE PROGRESS!

A Wonderful Cast

The same old cast returns for another season of laughs and fun, and a few new characters bring in new possibilities and progress. Each character is unique and quirky, allowing for a wide range of situations to arise and have comedic and serious tones simultaneously in each character’s reactions. If you have seen the previous seasons (which is to be assumed, since this is the third season of the show), then you are well acquainted with characters such as the short Taneshima, the snooping Souma, and the androphobic Inami, among many others. All of these characters continue to provide good laughs for the viewer, but also have more serious moments as various relationships begin or progress in new directions.


One of my favorite things about Working!!! (and the series in general) is that no character is strictly-speaking the ‘main character’, thus allowing the show to flow more easily as some characters get more or less screen time each episode, with some episodes feeling like an individual character’s adventures at times and only supporting minor roles from the other workers at the restaurant. Other times, an episode can be completely filled with all of the characters interacting in their usual ways (Satou telling Taneshima she is short, Yamada being Yamada, etc), but this season also introduces new developments that keep the series from feeling like it is just stagnantly reusing old jokes in new situations. In effect, Working!!! has something for everyone to find funny, whether you want more of the same from past seasons or want all new materials and progress.


All the progress happens. All of it. This may be a very vague section (because spoilers), but suffice it to say that if you had any issues with the previous seasons’ lack of progression in the narrative, this season will make up for all of that. The progression focuses in part on dealing with each of the characters’ individual quirkiness in such a way that doesn’t eliminate it completely, but makes it more believable and useful for growing each character.


One of the great parts about Working!!! is learning more about many of the characters and watching them grow as they tackle the aspects of themselves that have been part of the meta-humor of the show through the first two seasons. For instance, Inami working through her androphobia or Satou’s lack of development deeper than the fact that he likes Yachiyo but is too shy to tell her how he feels are both subjects that are focused on throughout the course of Working!!!.

Comedy for Everyone

Because of the relatively large and varied cast, Working!!! will surely hit at least a few things that will make you laugh, regardless of your sense of humor. Don’t like the slapstick humor of Takanashi being punched by Inami? Have some Yamada shenanigans. Don’t like Yamada? Have a string of situations about Takanashi’s family and their...uniqueness. Does none of that give you at least a chuckle? I’m sure there will be something - the cast of so many different characters, each with their own oddities, is perfectly suited for comedy.

Excellent OP/ED

While not directly related to the quality of a show, opening and ending songs are excellent ways to accent a show’s tone and mood, which both NOW!!!GAMBLE (the OP) and Matsuge ni LOCK (the ED) do wonderfully. Both songs capture the fun and happy feeling of the show and are good ways to start and end each episode, working as essentially the opening and closing act in the wonderful concert of comedy that is Working!!!.


Some Absurdity

Some suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy Working!!! (or any of the Working!! series, really), but sometimes this absurdity is what fuels comedy. For instance, this season handled one of the biggest absurdities of the series - Inami’s fear of all males, causing her to instinctively punch them - in a way that both allowed for characters to develop on multiple fronts and to give a few laughs along the way (and not from slapstick humor). Most of the absurdities of the show, such as Otoo-san’s wife, Yamada and her family/lack-thereof, and Inami’s androphobia, are still present and can be somewhat annoying if you don’t find them funny.


Working!!! is a comedy about the lives of characters working at a family restaurant and the everyday comedy that ensues. The cast is large enough to offer a variety of individuals that is much like the wide variety of quirky people you would encounter in any part-time job, and though it continues to provide the same kind of humor and entertainment as the previous seasons, Working!!! goes further into developing many of the characters. If you enjoy comedy anime, this is a wonderfully solid show, especially as the newest season of the Working!! series. Combining comedy with character development puts this season above the rest of the series by giving fans what they wanted without making it ridiculously simple or trite.


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Working!!! is available for free and legal streaming on Crunchyroll.


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