Finally having a decently long break before the next semester in college, I decided I would catch up on all the anime I had missed the past year! But then, all of a sudden, it’s the Winter ‘17 season, with a whole new slew of shows.

So what the heck, since I haven’t written anything of note about anime since April ‘16, I decided to do an impressions piece on every show that’s not a sequel for a show I haven’t watched! (This probably won’t happen, but I sure as heck will try.)

Being a pretty big undertaking, it’s going to consist only of the impression I got from the first episode of each most anime airing this season, split over as many articles as necessary. The order isn’t indicative of anything; it’s just the order in which I watched the shows.

Now, onto the first few shows!

Masamune-kun no Revenge


First Impression: Hello guilty pleasure!

Being a fat guy isn’t easy (I CAN TELL FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE), and pretty people will always have things go their way. That’s the idea behind Masamune-kun’s Revenge, the story of a bullied fat kid deciding to change his body shape drastically due to being rejected by a girl way back when he was a kid. Now that he’s pretty, he decides to have revenge on that girl, in a pretty expected way.

Oh man, this is a good show for many reasons. First and foremost, even if he’s not the main character, there’s a guy voiced by Saori Hayami! (*Squeals*) Secondly, the plot, no matter how silly, will be maintained by the strength of the protagonists’ character, and being completely honest, I’m loving all the main characters so far.


If we’re being critical though, there’s nothing much of substance to this show anyway, so if you don’t like fluff, it’s probably not for you.

Ao no Exorcist - Kyoto Fujouou-hen


First Impression: I’m going to watch the first season again.

The first Ao no Exorcist aired way back in the Spring ‘11 season, and I watched it roughly two years back. Not remembering much except that i) it’s about exorcists, ii) it’s shounen (heavily so), and iii) I liked the first one.

And the second season starts off immediately revealing the villain, which makes it pretty interesting, and also puts into place several power dynamics, especially between the main character, Okumura Rin, and his cohort of characters I only vaguely remember. You can sort of guess with the hints they give here and there, but I would say it’s a fairly good idea to watch the first season again if you don’t remember it all too well.


The first episode does give a pretty good impression though, fast-paced and interesting enough to keep me waiting for the next. In any case, it’s good enough for now to make me want to watch the first season again.

Take a look at Ishamael’s discussion on Ao no Exorcist for a deeper evaluation!




First Impression: I love it, but please don’t end up like White Album....

I went into this show blind, and came out pleasantly surprised. Contrasting protagonists in a love story seems pretty standard nowadays, (this is confirmation bias speaking) with Fuuka being no exception. I thought it’d be a story about the protagonists joining a band, but the first episode instead introduces us to interesting characters, and plants the seeds of what appears to be a good romance anime.

Until you get to the part after the ending, (which is on top of my seasonal music list by the way, seriously, it’s good) where it starts to make me dread the upcoming episodes. Given how it made the romance play out, semi-seriously and not harem-focused, setting up a love triangle scares me, thanks to stuff like the aforementioned White Album.


Regardless though, it’s all pretty good for now, even though it’s slightly cliche (but what isn’t anymore). I think I can wholeheartedly recommend watching Fuuka; wherever it ends up.

Also, Saori Hayami Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



First Impression: Holy crap it’s Amagami!!! amazing!! (I’m not biased)

For context, Amagami SS and its follow up, SS+, are still on my list of favorite anime, even after so long. The show was probably the one I was most hyped for, thanks to finding out that it was going to written by none other than Kisai Takayama, who was behind Amagami SS as well!

In short, Seiren (and Amagami) are pure romance anime, which have a unique feature. They have multiple heroines, and multiple arcs where the protagonist romances them! It’s basically a VN in anime form, you get to experience whichever romance floats your boat (in my case, all of them!), and if Seiren manages to do what Amagami did, the arcs will all be pretty unique and all enjoyable!


You’ll like this if you enjoyed Amagami (if it wasn’t apparent already), or if you enjoy satisfying romance instead of the usual will-they-won’t-they that we get. (Do consider watching Amagami if you enjoy Seiren too!)

One thing to note is that the OP actually shows six different girls, but the anime is slated for only 12 episodes featuring three routes, so I hope it gets to do another three in another season!

Akiba’s Trip


First Impression: This is hilarious! (And not much else....)

I played Akiba’s Trip on my PSVita. It left me with a pretty bad impression. It was fun, but under a layer of tons of bugs and nothing else underneath that thin sheen of shallow gameplay and even shallower story, there wan’t anything to it. I guess it’s similar to the anime.

Relying on a silly premise and sillier action gets you Akiba’s Trip. Akihabara has a paranormal side to it; evil beings known as “bugged ones” are causing mayhem all across the hallowed halls streets of Akihabara, and when the protagonist stumbles upon this hidden world, he’s swiftly killed. Upon his resurrection (of course), he finds he’s been given the ability to fight these monsters. How? By stripping them down to their underwear of course!


It’s silly, it’s stupid, but oh I did enjoy watching it. It’s great to have some anime where you can (or need to) turn off your brain, and Akiba’s Trip provides exactly that. Be warned though. If my short synopsis did not tell you this already, beware obscene amount of fan service.

So that’s it for the first installment of my short impressions for the anime season of Winter 2017! I’ll be doing my best to write more often this year than last year as well, so please look forward to more insightful discussions rambles and rants about anime from me this year!


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