Why I Love Saint Seiya So Much Part-IV: What Saint Seiya represents to me

This is the final week to the great finale of the Anime of Saint Seiya- Soul of Gold-! , and in commemoration for that I will put a 4 part article on why I this is one of my favorites Anime/Manga franchises and why you should Give it a look. So Let´s start!

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This is the last part of this series of articles, and it has to be, following the cliché, the most emotional and personal. What does this franchise means personally to me. What memories does it have for the Artist Previously Known as ShadowHaken, and why it is so special.

Well… It represents and brings memories to my childhood in general, and my Father in particular. I Remember how when it started airing, my dad got hooked to it (and also to Robotech, but he is a Sci-Fi Fan, so that´s to no surprise), also that I didn´t liked Saint Seiya at first, I founded it weird and too confusing and boring, Of course I still saw it because as a Kid I basically watched everything in front of me. It Wasn´t until the big fight on the Sanctuary occurred were it finally clicked on me! Looking at Seiya and his friends fighting in order to save someone they cared for, not because she was a Goddess, but because she was a person and her friend. Looking them fight against the Gold Saints, gets beaten and keeps going forward, that no matter how harsh the things may look like now, if you keep going forward you will see the results of your labor.


It also represents my Introduction to the Mythology, since my Dad was an History Teacher, he knew a lot of those things. He teached me the mythology behind Athena, The Mythical Pegasus Creature, and a bunch of other stuff. And not only about Greeck Mythology, but Norse Too! And every time I had a doubt or was curious about something, he gladly responded to me and tells me a nice and interesting History.

It also reminds me how I talked with my Big Bro, who stated that Saint Seiya, alongside Bugs Bunny and any other cartoon at the time, was made in México because they talked Spanish, and I responded saying that they were made in USA since there was no way that México had the Technology to do Cartoons… Turns out we both were wrong (With Saint Seiya at Least) –Hey I Grew up on a Country town, and the only other place I knew were the Ejido (a Some sort of Communal Ranch) were my Grandpa´s Lived!


It also brings me Memories of when I Went to the Movie theater in order to watch the first Movie that came to México (Saint Seiya: The Saints Counter attack /Los Caballeros del Zodiaco: Contratacan) , how bad was the Audio at the movie theater, and how amazed I was when I heard the Japanese version of Pegasus Fantasy for the first time in my life (Since on Tv the opening was the Guardianes del Universo song).

It also teached me, in an indirect way, on how be based on something, make it yours, but at the same time respecting the original material. I Mean, On the OVA were Seiya and his friends face Lucifer. Considering other works like Evangelion or Shin Megami Tensei, the classic would have been to make the Saints to Face God, but they decided to go along the book and make them face the Evil Incarnate. They make it awesome and were respectful. And it is so Easy! You just respect the Canon! (More or less) and the people will appreciate and will respect your work! I mean That is why Evangelion got so many bad looks (specifically because the people said that it was the cartoon were God went crazy and attacked humanity or something like that), and the people can like those kind of works –and Is good too!- but I have the philosophy that, when I am looking at a foreign, and unknown Country, culture, religion, or something along those lines, I do it with respect, because I would like that the people see those things of mine with the same respect. I Mean I could make a series were Budha is truly an evil bastard that has misguided the people! But if I do that, I would be an Ignorant and a disrespectful bastard, because I am showing a truly wrong face of what the Budhism really is. Or how I get mad when the people on the Media put the Aztecs as some crazy people who liked to strip the heart out of the people all the time! When, if one investigate, that is not true. You can focus on the negatives, but that won´t make a true and complete picture. Anyway, im being carried away so to the next point!

Saint Seiya also remembers me when I was on High School, on another state, away from my friends, parents, my house, and only having my big bro (who went to College in that state). The loneliness I felt and how it hit me on the first day. But this series helped me get trough it, when I realized that they were making a Saga based on the Hades chapters and I went to the walking market (a nice place to fin piracy and second hand clothes…Also vegetables) in order to find them. When the Manga was being released here and how I religiously bought them, until the money started becoming a problem and I had to stop (I stoped by the 12 volume or so, also I had to stop with the Rurouni Kenshin manga too for the same reason).


It also reminded me how , after I bought the first three volumes of Lost Canvas and watched It with my bro and my sis, and how my lil Sis was so hyped to know what happens that the next day she bought the next 3 volumes and for Christmas me and my bro gave her as a present the other 6 volumes of the series.

On a similar tone, when we showed it to my dad the series he liked it a lot, so much that he puts the DVD alone and by himself in order to keep watching and know what will happen.


Finally it also remember me how passionate is some sections of it´s fan base (and every group of people in anything for that matter) that reach to true anger towards anything. Since I remember how the angry were the people when they noticed the change on the Cancer Milo character on the Movie “Legend of Sanctuary” or how some people fight with others because some people like the spinoffs, but since they aren´t made by Kurumada then they are bad by default.

In any instance Saint Seiya is a series very close to me, with good and bad memories accompanied within . And is something that I think will follow me (alongside my love of gaming, my profession and my religion) until i´m dead.


And that it is the end of these series of articles.

AniTay, have you felt the Cosmos?

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