We are merely 2 weeks to the great finale of the Anime of Saint Seiya- Soul of Gold-! (Almost there!) , and in commemoration for that I will put a 4 part article on why I this is one of my favorites Anime/Manga franchises and why you should Give it a look. So Let´s start!

Two Weeks ago we checked the Soundtrack. If you wanna see it click here.

The Past Week we checked their characters and Fights!. If You wanna see it click here.

Saint Seiya is not only a manga and that´s it. But is also a franchise!, and an ever-growing at that! So it is common that the series get it´s own spinoffs! Spinoff that tell us different stories on different times, but on the same universes.

On this Matter we have (Everyone starts with Saint Seiya, so yeah, there is no need to put it) :

-Lost Canvas: Made by Shiori Teshirogi. It tells the story of the past holy war against Hades, and during certain time it was the official Prequel until Kurumada decided to do his own version (Not because he has problems with Shiori´s Work –He even wrote the ending theme for the anime-, but because he has a lot of things on his mind) also it is the only Manga Spinoff so far that has been adapted into an Anime. It has it´s own Prequel/Sequel called “Lost Canvas Anecdotes”.


- Episode G: Made by Megumu Okada. It is the story of the 12 Gold Saints against Chronos and his Titans. It occurs 7 years prior the events of the Original Manga (With the exception of the intent of killing Baby Athena), while it is not an official Prequel it explain lot´s of things about the characters or why they act in the way they acted when they faced Seiya and his friends on the future.The Manga also has a continuation called “Episode G Assasins” and centers around Shura and Aioria in an adventure that will take them to the past and to the future against basically every famous knight on the story (Roland, Lancelot, etc.).


- Omega: The First Original Animation based on the franchise. It centers several years after the hypothetical end of the Saint Seiya Series. It centers on a new generation of Saints. Which will have to fight against the Roman Gods: Mars and Pallas. It also tried to add new elements like the elemental Cosmos, but those changes were undone by the season 2 of this Anime.

- Saintia Sho: Made by Chimaki Kuori. It is the first Work on the series were the girls are the central point of the story. It takes place little before the Galaxian Wars (The first part of the Original Work) and it centers on the Saintias, Women who were trained to be the companions of Athena on her duties so they can be feminine and be unmasked, not to confuse them with the Female Saints who wear masks in order to not to be feminine. The Saintias will have to face the Goddess Eris. Also there is a “In the Latest Chapter Of…” cover up in here if you want to check it out.


-Soul of Gold: The Second original Animation based on the Franchise. It Centers on the 12 Gold Saints. It Occurs little after the Gold Saints sacrificed themselves in order to destroy the Wailing Wall. They awoke on Asgard and they must fight an evil that it is inside there, while at the same time they try to uncover the mystery of their reborn. It is the second work based on the 12 Gold Saints. There is a “In the Latest Chapter Of…” cover up in here if you want to check it out.


- Kurumada Suikoden: Hero of Heroes: Made by Yun Koga. Not exactly an Spinoff of Saint Seiya but more as a Love Letter of all the works made by Masami Kurumada. It brings together all of Masami Kurumada Characters and put them in a big adventure!

Everyone of these works have created a big assembly and beautiful picture of the Saint Seiya Universe. Of course none of them is perfect (not even the original manga is). We have examples like Shiori on Lost Canvas and how crazy she got with the power of her characters; Okada on Episode G with similar problems in that regard and the fact (this is personal) that he uses a very glamorous language on every situation (Example: Normal people say <<I´m going to the bathroom>> On Episode G they will say <<I have to go to the white throne in order to release all the tension of my guts and Blatter>>); Kuori on Saintia Sho with the fact that she is an obsessive compulsive with the original manga work that it doesn´t leave too much space for her own characters to breathe and develop in a successful way (I feel the Saintias more as a “They are cool and pretty” , but that is all); Soul of Gold with some problems with the argument and production values; Omega with the changes that wasn´t too good or well received; And Heroe of Heroes that it is basically a Mess.

Now that we see the Negatives of every work. It is time to see the positives!

- Lost Canvas: Awesome Fights! And it has a great Character Development and the story (by himself) it is perfectly explained and good!


- Episode G: Awesome Fights! A More or less Seinen approach that make the Fight different in a good way to the original Work, and also it explain lots of things that it weren´t on the original one.

- Omega: It Doesn´t matter what their detractors say. This was a Good Shonen Anime, and it had great moments and fights! The development of Aria (A Key character on the first season) was one of the best developments ever on the story of the franchise.

-Saintia Sho: Beautiful Drawing! From all of the Spinoffs of Saint Seiya, this one takes the cake in that regard! Also the fact that it is so exact with the original Manga make it fit perfectly on the story and The Fights are getting better and better!


-Soul of Gold: Most of the fights are nice! The fact that the Director (Takeshi Furuta) basically had to make an story with limited resources, in both economical and historical Since he had prohibited to use names, characters and figures that were already used on the Asgard Saga and the Ova of Asgard. It is truly admirable!

-Kurumada Suikoden: Heroe of Heroes: It is truly fun to read! And the “Fangasm” is exponential!


Now that we have seen the Spinoffs. It is time to see the OVAS and Movies. And how most of them, tells a single story of Saint Seiya, an history that ends with Seiya and his friends facing the very own Prince of Darkness.

-Saint Seiya and The Eris Reincarnation: The first Movie/Ova of this Series. Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Hate, have been reborn on the body of Erii Aizawa , a friend and love interest of Hyoga, and now she has intentions of destroying Athena and the world using her Ghost Knights, Saints of ages past that sworn loyalty to her. It is also worth noting that Chimaki Kuori based some of her original characters on this Movie (Since in both of them Eris is the enemy). Also this works was adapted to be a Stage Play in Japan.


- Saint Seiya and the Great Battle of the Gods: First. You hear that Dragon Ball?, you might have a Battle of The Gods, but we have a GREAT Battle of the Gods… “Great”…Err… Anyway, leaving my humor on the side. This is the first Work that uses the place of Asgard and the Nordic Mythology. It centers on the sudden disappearance of Hyoga so the Bronze Saints and Athena goes to Asgard were they are received by Dolbar , the Odin´s Representative, little they know that they are going to a tramp were they will fight for their lives against the Odin´s Representative and his God Warriors!


- Saint Seiya: The Saints Counterattack!: The First long Movie for the franchise. After the Bloody battle for the Sanctuary, Phoebus Abel, the self-proclaimed Sun God, has come to the Earth and has decreed that he will protect Athena, His Sister, while at the same time will give to all of the Humanity extinction. So the Saints will go against Both the Corona Warriors (Abel Forces) and the resurrected Gold Saints!

- Saint Seiya: The Last Holy War: Athena and her Saints have faced many dangers in the Past, Eris, the Sanctuary, Asgard, Abel, Poseidon, Hades. But now that it looks like the Earth was in Peace It Looks like all of those things were signals…Signals that were saying the last Prophecy of the Humanity…The Apocalypse!. One night on the sanctuary… A Shadow comes and kills everyone of the Gold Saints!...The Big evil has come to the Earth: The Fallen Angel Lucifer has resurrected from the depths of Hell and is trying to continues his war against God! But he is not alone… He has alongside him his Demons and the help of Eris, Poseidon and Abel! Athena and her Saints will have to face it´s biggest challenge yet!


Also Hyoga, who is Christian, tells the story of the war between God and Satan…Thinking about it. Hyoga is a Key character in most of the movies…

- Saint Seiya: The Heaven Arc-Overture-: The First movie that is not linked between each other and also it was going to be the first Movie of a trilogy that it was going to conclude the Saint Seiya History. Little after the Battle against hades on the Underworld, Seiya is left in a Vegetative state and Saori (Athena´s Human identity) is taking care of him. One Day the Angels, messenger from the Gods, comes to were she is located and tells her that Zeus and the rest of the Olympic Gods are very angry at her, so they have mandated that Artemis will be the new Earth Protector and Saori has to give her position as a Goddess and leader of the Saint Army. She accepts in exchange of taking Seiya out of his state. Seiya wokes up and he realizes that Athena, besides all of that , she will be sacrificed, so he alongside Shun, Shiryu, Hyoga and Ikki will have to face the Suriviving Saints and the Angels leaded by Icarus, which is also Aquila Marin´s Brother!


As I said on the past. This was supposed to be the first of a trilogy of Movies that will tell the Canonical end of the History of Saint Seiya. What avoided this from happening, and the other movies from ever existing was that this movie was a disaster in either critics and sales (and rightly so. The movie was a Mess...Although quite well animated). It was such a big failure that Toei ended up firing a lot of people, including dubbing actors, and tried to put the blame on Kurumada, who at the same time responded saying that the script he gave to Toei in order to do the movie they did two things: They ignored a half and the other they bastardized it. For this reason the relationship between Toei and Kurumada went Cold for some years until the Saint Seiya Omega Anime, which Kurumada approved and said that he was a fan of it.

If you are curious on how the other movies were Kurumada revealed that the second it would be against Zeus, and the last one against Chronos.


- Saint Seiya: The Legend of Sanctuary: A Re-imagination of the first Story arc of Saint Seiya and a Reboot of sorts. It was also the first movie for the franchise on being full CGI. The Movie is beloved for some and hated by others…But I’m on the side that liked it, and I truly hope that a sequel is in the works!

As You can see the universe of Saint Seiya is very full and packed with things! The good thing is that it is truly easy to get into it in most of their histories (with the exception of Soul of Gold). Wanna start watching the Movies? Good. Maybe with Lost Canvas? Awesome selection!; Or maybe with Omega? You won´t regret it!

So See You Next time with the Part 4!

AniTay, have you felt the Cosmos?