We are merely 3 weeks to the great finale of the Anime of Saint Seiya- Soul of Gold-! , and in commemoration for that I will put a 4 part article on why I this is one of my favorites Anime/Manga franchises and why you should Give it a look. So Let´s start!

The Past Week we checked the Soundtrack. If you wanna see it click here.

Saint Seiya is a Shonen Series, and with that it´s obvious that there is going to have a lot of fights! And in Saint Seiya, having a simple story and a very formulaic way in presenting it, the fights truly have to shine!

Luckily in Saint Seiya the fights are awesome! And Kurumada truly made us feel that every fight was important. That everyone had a meaning, that it had to be done in order to keep advancing.

I´m saying this since unlike, let us say, Dragon Ball, another 80´s Shonen that I love!, were the fights, while cool and awesome (and even more agil than Saint Seiya) they just feel like entertainment until Goku comes and kills the big baddie. In here the fights truly feels that they matter, either because they serve in order to stop an enemy (because they like to fight 1 vs 1 for some weird reason) or because they get developed in there.


Continuing with this, maybe that feeling is made because unlike the afore mentioned Dragon Ball, the Big Baddie has his own following of powerful warriors who are at the very least as strong as our main characters. So taking that into account, there is no way that Seiya alone could defeat the big enemy! So he will need the help of his friends in order to keep advancing and keep going forward.

Also add to them the characters, that while most of them are the generic Shonen archetype (The Positive main character, the cool dude, the serious fighting guy, the sensible look-like-a-girl dude and the lonely wolf) Kurumada truly made it that their motivations were convincing enough, and their interactions were quite good!


Other thing that Kurumada did quite good was the whole mystery in the first Story arc, the Sanctuary Arc, were one truly didn´t know what was happening in there and we only get some glimpses of what truly was happening until the big show up. Of course it is truly explainable and understandable on the Manga, since on the Anime the thing became a Mess, specially because they added the character of Arles (The Patriarch´s Litle brother and the Saint of Altar who was never been mentioned before).

So In conclusion. Saint Seiya, even being as generic can be, it became famous because even if it is generic, it truly made those clichés made sense!


So See you next Week with the part III

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