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Earlier today Exile posted the OP for Stellvia. I immediately said, "I have no idea what the hell that is". After looking at the synopsis and determining it was 100% up my alley, I sat down and I've been binge-watching this thing for roughly five hours now. This brings us to a new informal article series: Why Haven't I Watched This?


What Is It?

It's a science-fiction mecha show by Xebec set in a post-apocalyptic world that somehow isn't a crapsack world. Quite the opposite, it's practically overflowing with optimism and "fuck yeah humanity" moments.


What's Awesome?

Everything about how this show is written. Stellvia believably portrays what humanity might be like if we're in danger of extinction, at least in a reasonable case. We aren't going to give up, we're going to fight it with everything we have, even if we have to work together to get it done.


Even more notably though, Stellvia is incredibly optimistic even in its darkest moments. It's very much enforcing the belief that you can only do what you can, and if you and everyone else do your best, you'll win.

What's Not Awesome?

The character development for the supporting cast leaves something to be desired in the first half of the show, which is more-or-less focused on the show's first arc "the great mission". As such, I only really connected with the main character.


Look forward to a review of some sort when I reach the end of the show. I expect good things from the back half. Until then, angela.

Why Haven't I Watched This? is an article series I'm going to devote to any show that I'm watching from a previous season that really catches my eye early on. This definitely won't come out on any regular basis.

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