What is AniTAY, Who Contributes?

Welcome to Ani-Talk Amongst Yourselves (AniTAY), a Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY) spin-off blog of all things anime and beyond. Here, you'll find blips, opinions, reviews, lists, news, essays, GIFs about the latest shows, movies, cosplay, games, fanfic, manga, figurines, and more.

Ani-TAY is a curated spin-off blog that already has a tumultuous history. It was started by Marsh Naylor and has since grown into an accepted blog among frequent Ani-TAY contributors.

We are a blog curated by anime, manga, visual novel fans and beyond. Merely posting something to Kinja using the tag "Ani-TAY" will likely get you on this blog as long as it's, you know, related. While we won't hand out authorship like candy, we'll definitely do our best as your Senpai to get you on.


So come join us in Talking Amongst Yourselves about everything you want. We'll be waiting!

Senpai-In-Chief: Marsh Naylor, Email | Twitter

Admin-with-Clear-Delusions-of-Grandeur: Dexomega | Twitter

Princess of Ani-TAY/Admin: MementoMorie

Novikuma-kun: Novibear (Novibear)

Sentai Sixth Ranger: UltimateIdiot (UI 2.0)

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