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Welcome to ManGAY, A Reader-Pun Community

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Ever wanted to know about ManGAY and what it is? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In response to preliminary feedback on the survey, here is your destination for learning the specifics of the Reader-Pun community ManGAY and how you can get involved in the community.


I’ll cover a few topics in this article, which will all be sectioned accordingly. You can skip past sections if you don’t think they’ll apply to you.

Welcome to ManGAY, What is It?

Glad you asked. The blog you’re currently on is the ManGAY Blog, which is a yaoi and yuri-obsessed spin-off of the Kotaku community Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY). The ManGAY blog is entirely reader-pun. No one is paid to write about semes and ukes here.


ManGAY, as a community, primarily concerns itself with shounen ai and yaoi anime, manga, visual novels, and merchandise from Japan, but we’ll also do other things like otome video games in general. Things are always kept loose and, barring anything completely off-topic, everything can go.

Brief History

Just a bit of history to give you some context. ManGAY was established as a Kinja tag (a way for Kinja posts to be categorized) on AniTAY in early April 2017. By early April 2017, Yuri on Ice and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid posts had become a significant (if not overwhelming) portion of ManGAY articles, while insufficient praise and mentioning of Sakura Trick and Maria Watches Over Us forced our hand.


Eventually this resulted in the creation of the ManGAY blog, which will manage to find its footing over the next few hours as the premiere fansite of Super Lovers and Junjou Romantica. The ManGAY blog was envisioned and guided as a sort of curated blog that could push for standards in writing and drawing Killua x Gon doujin fanfic that even Hisoka would baulk at.

Who are the admins?

There are three admins on the ManGAY blog. First is ManGAY’s mysterious Marsh Naylor, whom owns the blog and participates at a high level. Second is Dexomega. He tends to run gay-to-gay operations of ManGAY in conjunction with Morie. Morie, the yuri princess of ManGAY, is the third admin due to her extreme love of Yuri Kuma Arashi. Concerns can be brought to any one of them (but not gay panic, that’d be pretty retrograde. Not to be confused with Strawberry Panic, which you’re welcome to contact us about).


Sounds Cool, How Can I Get Involved?

First off, you should get acquainted with some of our rules. There aren’t many, but we stand by them.


ManGAY has always prided itself on Pride community engagement, because the majority of the people you’ll see writing articles were once new as well. Most of the fun in being a writer on ManGAY isn’t getting posted to Kotaku or something arbitrary, it’s from the people that talk to us in the comments about how often they confuse Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana.

Adapted from this post. Thankyou to Rockmandash12 for the fantastic header that he whipped up for me.

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