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Last week a new fanclub was created on Ani-TAY in recognition of the immense talent of one Kei Takebuchi. In recognition of this momentous event the newly dubbed "Ani-Kei" fanclub needs to have a home, and an article in commemoration of our moment of revelation. Welcome to our first meeting!

Who is Kei Takebuchi?

She's a singer for the band Goose house, known for producing high quality covers of songs on Youtube, as well as several studio albums of original songs. Founded in 2010, they really hit the big time in 2014 where they released both the ED "Oto No Naru Hou E" of Silver Spoon and the OP "Hikaru Nara" of Your Lie in April.


Kei also released a solo album last year called "Kei's 8" which you can find at many different online stores, please consider supporting her!


I (or whoever wants to really, feel free to call a meeting whenever!) will be posting meetings of the club every so often, which will be the best place in the universe to share some amazing Kei covers or just adore Goose house in general. You can find us here or on myanimelist! Join us!


This meeting's feature:

何度でも/Dreams Come True

This cover was performed at Goose house Ustream #44 on October 18th and features Kei singing with Shuhei Kudo and Shuhei Watanabe. Enjoy!


For more of Kei and Goose house, check out their Youtube channel.

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