LINK START. Dammit, that makes me sound like I really really like SAO.

Alright, so, am I the only one who thinks Miyuki Sawashiro is using two voices for this role? There's the KanaHana like voice that she uses when she's Asada and there's the Inaba like voice she uses when she's Sinon. It's a good way to show the disparity between the two. Whereas Sinon is headstrong and all that jazz, Asada is much less so.

Sinon, so far, is having a really strong arc. This is what people come back to SAO for. The characters can actually be engaging and fun to watch. That's why it's sad to see how much character assassination Asuna is going through. It's not as subtle as something from Evangelion, Madoka, or a Yuasa show but for SAO, this thing is already gold.

Totally an actual shot from the show.

Back to the discussion, it seems my earlier shot at Sinon's trauma missed the proverbial head shot by a few inches. I find the route they went with a lot more interesting, though.


Loved this part. Also, wasn't expecting that level of graphic violence on SAO. Pleasantly surprised because it really adds to the effect.

EDIT: Forgot that this is actually the show with Kirito the Impaler.

The way they're going to tackle Sinon has a lot of potential but it's also really easy to get wrong. I can't say that I have much to say on it at this point but I'm eagerly waiting to see what they have in store.


Don't tease me, SAO. I thought we were going to Oz.

I actually can't find much to complain about in this episode of SAO. I went through my personal Twitter feed and there wasn't really much hate coming from me for this episode. I attribute that, though, to the lack of Kirito. The past two episodes were Sinon-centric and they were good. The first episode had more of Kirito and it was not good. It seems Kirito will be back in the limelight next episode so I am cautiously excited for what will happen next.


People have said that GGO is SAO's strongest arc. It's still early in the season but I might be inclined to agree. SAO never really delivered on the potential of Aincrad. I hope it doesn't waste its chance with Sinon.

Kimochi warui.

TAYCLASSIC wishes it could always protect you! Damn, I hate that line.