Help me get over this. It hurts so much.

So, it's finally over. Well, it isn't because there's always the light novel and the second season is coming!

Anyway, let's discuss the last few episodes a bit the best way I know how, with a bunch of screenshots! (I took 80 screenshots ._.)

First, a few cameos!


Taiga and Holo! And is that Minorin!? AND Ryuji's mom!?

Ok, let's get started on the real thing.


These last episodes focused a lot on our three characters Mikado, Kida, and Anri. Sad that we kinda see less of Celty here :< I was hoping we'd see more of Celty and the traffic cops. The moment I saw the cops in the OP I was already psyched to see more of them. Sad to say we only got a few hilarious scenes...hoping we'll get to see more next season!

Mamoru does another amazing job voicing Kida here. Like Okarin, we see a cheery character who's hurting a lot inside. Kida is also a character who's very easy to write into someone who's very unlikable. Thankfully we never see him regress into something stupid even in the most heated situations.

Also, I love how they show that he can put up a fight during the warehouse fight. I guess he really didn't become the shogun for nothing.


Moving on, I LOVED ALL THE SEGMENTS WITH THE DOLLARS! I really really like The Dollars...KaDota's group, the concept of the group, the fact that it's headed by Mikado. I love it. The part where they're helping Anri is also really fun.

Mikado has become one of my favorite characters in anything. He's someone who's not content with the status quo, or the ordinary who wants to change something but still remains virtuous and just wants to live a peaceful life with his friends. He manages to be influential without being an attention seeker. He's the perfect character for me. Also, look at the scene below, that scene was totes adorable.


Aside from the cops, one other character I was sad not to see much from was Shingen. Seriously, Shingen is awesome. I actually thought he was voiced by Gendou's VA...he wasn't, but he was voiced by Batou's VA! At least we got more Simon, eh? And more Karisawa and Walker!!


The final episode too was amazeballs. It was very fun and is a really good close to the first season. We may not have seen closure on all plot points but what we got was satisfying. Also, we got introduced to Mari...err...Izaya's sisters!


They're awesome.

The bountiful Simon on the last episodes was also awesome.


In closing, I really really enjoyed this series. I've really come to love the city and all its characters and I will really be missing watching Durarara. Hopefully the next season isn't too far away! I can't wait to hear Mamoru again as Kida, marvel upon Mikado's awesomeness and Anri's ero cuteness, see more of KaDota's crew AND MORE CELTY x POLICE action! I might not finish if I wrote out all the characters and things I will be missing so I'll just close this by saying that Durarara is now one of my favorite anime. It now sits cozily on my Top 5 favorite anime alongside NGE, Steins;Gate, Clannad, and Wolf Children.

Do share your thoughts below! I've got a lot more screenshots to share with you guys!

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Take these as tokens of my appreciation.


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