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We will be covering Berserk!!

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The Bandof the Haken reunites again and with new members!

Last year in an united effort, Jonuiuc and I covered the anime of Berserk as it aired by making different opinions and formats about the chapters and series in General. Now, we will do the same; but we won´t be alone since Gugsy and Requiem will join us in order to bring new perspectives to this new Season!


What will happen this season with both the anime and our Sanity? Will we fall to the CLANG!? The Tide of Karma will follow us?! Will we have to do a especial coverage because Real life caught usand we where unable to cover it for some weeks?! Will I make a parade of misspelled words like the last time?! The Pieces are on its place now...

“Providence may guide a man to meet one specific person, even if such guidance eventually leads him to darkness. Man simply cannot forsake the beauty of his own chosen path. When will man learn a way to control his soul”

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