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watch the First Teaser of the films of Kamen Raider Drive and the Nin´ninger

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Two Movies, one trailer!, What can go wrong?!.

Anyway, Toei has begun streaming a teaser video from the movies of Kamen Raider Driver and the Sentai Nin´ninger.

Both films will open on August 8 and those who preorder can get a Red driver or a Red Ninjer strap with a car toy, pretty cool, huh?.


On the last month both series had Television Special Crossover of One-Hour long.

Here its the Plot summary for both series:

The Kamen Rider Drive special-effects series premiered in October 2014, and is currently airing on Japanese television. The series’ plot includes android-like creatures called Roimyūdo who want to be human. However, some of the Roimyūdo are plotting to revolt again mankind. Shinnosuke Tomari is a recruit in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District’s Special Unit. He turns into Kamen Rider Drive using the power of Shift Cars and the super car, Tridoron, to battle the Roimyūdo.

The Shuriken Sentai Nin’ninger special-effects series premiered on February, and marks the 40th anniversary of Toei’s Super Sentai franchise. The story takes place after The Last Ninjer sealed away all the yōkai in the world. This lasted until The Last Ninjer’s death, when the yōkai returned. His descendants, five cousins, battle the yōkai as the Nin’ninger.

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