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Want to Ask A Light Novel Author a Question?

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Later this week, I’ll be interviewing Tōka Takei, author of If Her Flag Breaks, a light novel that has since been adapted into a rather charming anime. Instead of a standard interview, I thought, “Why not let the fans ask the questions?” That’s where you come in.


We’ll be selecting the best questions and presenting them directly to Takei himself. You can ask him anything you like, just please remember to be tasteful and respectful. If you haven’t seen If Her Flag Breaks, check it out on Crunchyroll.

Takei’s previous works include a number of eroge—erotic games, for those not in the know—as well. If you’d like to ask about those, we’ll do our best to get those questions in front of him as well!


Go ahead and sound off with your questions in the comments below. Questions are open for the next two days, so make sure you get them in early!

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