Wanna know the Gender of any Mangaka/Anime Director? Watch the Bath Scenes

Daria Kizaki, a former SM Queen* and Erotic Columnist has made a little investigation regarding the Bath scenes on diferent Manga and Anime. And she has come to that surprising conclusion.

On Anime and Manga, one of the most common places to watch is the hot spring/ bath Scene, where we will se the characters taking a bath and relaxing, sometimes making jokes or just talking (and even both). This kind of scenes are used by both male and female authors, since it´s a clasic trope.


Well, Daria Kizaki (and a lot of people on Twitter)has noticed that in a lot of those Scenes there is something that might as well declare the gender of a person who draw such Scene. And that is...The Hair.

“If you soak in the bathtub with your long hair down, your hair takes in the moisture and sticks to your skin in locks. If one were to describe it as it is, you basically end up in a Sadako-like state with you hair sticking flat, losing all your beauty and cuteness”.

So basically if a women enter a bath with her hair like the beautiful Kanou Seia(Stellar Theater) of the picture above. Your hair will end up like this:


Not Pretty or beautiful at all!

Also Daria says that doing that it´s something very unhygienic since the hair received, wind, dust, smog and a lot of nasty stuff during the day. So doing that it´s like double dipping a nacho inside a salse...Basically the Seinfeld rule for baths.


So the true way to enter a bath for someone with long hair is to tie the hair. Like this:


Daria also inspect a lot of examples on Anime and Manga and resulted that the big majority of the authors who entered this error were male, while the big majority of the authors who put their characters with Tied hair were female.

Of course there are exceptions and Daria says so:

“There is a scene in the currently on-air anime titled Is the Order a Rabbit? (Tokyo MX) where Rize-chan is soaking in the tub with her hair tied up as it should be. Since the director is male, you would think there are exceptions, too, but the gender of the original creator is unknown and there is the possibility of her being a woman. But as to whether there are exceptions where both the original creator and the director are male, the answer is yes. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, both Asuka and Misato have their hair properly tied up.”.


Also the former SM Queen* and Erotic Columnist has expressed her feelings about the matter that it looks like the long hair has won the battle against the nape.

As revealing Western clothing has become everyday wear, there are less people drawn to the nape, which, linked with the non-revealing kimono, used to be the synonym of sexiness. Since Western clothing reveals much under the neck, it is a possibility that covering what is above came to be considered more sexy. For that reason, I think that drawing characters with their hair down in bath scenes, even if it’s unrealistic, is a way of emphasising sexiness and deodorizing the lifelikeness of it.


Finally, Daria speaks about that grave error of putting your hair wet while you take a bath.

Regarding showering right before bed, in addition to the reasons above, it might be the result of influence taken from a habit characteristic to men, that is, they wash their hair every time they take a bath and they have no idea about the time it takes to dry such long hair. If you wash your hair right before bed, it could take more than 30 minutes to dry, taking the mood and tension with it, it’s absolutely out of the question. And if you go to bed with your hair all wet, the dampness will bother you and it will make the sheets wet, too; it takes out all the fun.


That sounds tedious!...On any case i´m ignorant of that since i am a male with short hair and i takes showers, not baths!

*SM Queen stands for Sado Masochist Queen... Don´t google it.

Via: Otakumode

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