Are you enjoying Your awesome DBZ Snickers?.

Tired and thirsty after raising your Ki to the infinitum?.

Well. The Urakita Company have something special for you!.

They have released a series of Wooden maded Mugs, with the symbology of Dragon Ball Z and shaped in a form of a Barrels!.


The Mugs come in two sizes: 380 Ml (4,800 Yen/ 40.50 US Dollars/ 500 Pesos) and 1 Liter (7,800 Yen/ 65.79 US Dollars/ 750 Pesos).

The Mugs are made by Japanese- Cedar and covered in a higly durable Food-Grade Coating.

The Inside of these Mugs have some stars so... If you wanna collect the Seven. Then...Well you know!.


The SHipping will start this February 13.

Via Anime News Network