Visual Arts Announces Plans to Release Rewrite+ in the West (Updated)

Original Art for Rewrite

At a press conference with AniTAY at Anime Central, Visual Arts CEO Takahiro Baba announced an official English release of the upcoming visual novel Rewrite+. Rewrite+ is a remake of the famous visual novel Rewrite, which was never released in the United States and is receiving an anime adaptation this summer.

For our full coverage of the conference and the convention, stay tuned.

Current Rewrite+ Artwork

Editorial Update 1:43 AM CDT: Yesterday AniTAY confirmed upcoming plans to release Rewrite+ in English in the following press-only Q&A segment which came from Takahiro Baba via an on-site translator:

AniTAY: So then with that upcoming [Rewrite] anime adaptation, what do you think are the odds of bringing that visual novel westward?

Takahiro Baba via Translator: Yes. There are plans for an English release. With the [anime release] of Rewrite, there will be a new story arc added and those will be incorporated into a new version called Rewrite+ and, once that is made, that will be localized to English and may be made available on Steam.

AniTAY’s ongoing coverage of Anime Central will continue with more announcements and excerpts from interviews in future articles.


Update 5/27: For our full report on VisualArt’s, including a video of the interview, click here:

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