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Under The Dog reappears with a new trailer!

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It Will come on Spring 2016.

Everyone remembers the Under the Dog´s Anime Kickstarter. Where they completed the goal and then they went more or less silent about the project.


Well, now it has reappeared with a new trailer and with a season were it will appear!


Koji Morimoto, The Producer, said that there were some things changed from the original pilot trailer in order to make it fit better wth the ideas of Jiro Ishii, the Writter.

The Project aims to bring back the “Ghost in the Shell” style of cience fiction.

Also Creative Intelligent Arts (CIA) is out of the project while Kinema Citrus is in.


Hiroaki Yura (CIA´s CEO and Founder) said the following:

“In order to comply with certain requests from members of the UTD creative team, and to deliver an unhindered product to our backers, CIA is hereby removing itself from the UTD project.”


AniTay, you can get hyped again! :P

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