The Team of the Aime Under the Dog will attend to the Sakura-Con this year which will occur in April 3 to 5 in Seattle this year.

Specifically the ones who will attend are:

Mr. Jiro Ishii (Storywriter)

Mr. Koji Morimoto (Producer)

Their pannel will be on Sunday , April 5.

Here is the exact quote from the official Page.

During the panel, we are planning to introduce anime studio Kinema Citrus, show some latest artwork in progress and explain in detail of what we have been and will be doing.

If you have questions, please ask us at the panel. We would love to hear your opinions because the biggest reason why we will be there is to answer as many questions as possible. So be sure to bring along and inform your friends and other fellow backers!

We hope to see you out there.

For more info of the event in General click Here.