So a couple of months ago, before I discovered the TAY community, my friends and I would always talk about doing our own podcast. I am a big podcast listener and I live next to a comic book store, where there are always great comic book/television/movie/anime related conversations going on (especially on Wednesdays). We always thought it would be fun to capture that sort of thing on a podcast and just put it out there. Of course it was all talk, and no motivation. But then I stumbled onto TAY and I saw people like me composing and laying out great posts and articles, so I got a little motivated. I read up on (I'm a research before I buy kinda guy) recording equipment and unfortunately acquired G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Ultimately I ended up with both audio recording equipment a fairly nice camera for stills and video (and tripods and lights, well you get it).

Seeking a way to justify my many purchases, I grabbed my camera and brought it to C2E2, and shot mostly cosplayers. I decided, what the heck, and went ahead and uploaded some pics onto my first post on TAY. It got pretty good response and was fun, so I posted more. I never was a confident writer, but eventually I put up a non-photography post and it wasn't terrible. The community here is pretty cool, and my experience on TAY has led me to putting up my best work on a Tumblr and uploading all my photos to Flickr to share.

At the same time I started photography, I decided to just bite the bullet and put up videos on Youtube. I've always enjoyed youtube content, and have been impressed with the levels of production that people have been able to achieve. So I put up my first few videos on a subject that I know a lot about, Boxing (I've been watching that sport since I was a little kid). Now I'm not much of a editor or graphical artist and I basically only shoot one take (warts and all) so I'll probably just always be a talking head. But I am interested in good image and audio quality, so hopefully I will be able show improvement on that end.

Which brings me to my latest little experiment, a youtube channel where I will post videos about my non-pugilistic interests (anime, comics, games, etc.): Reasonable Fan. My focus is less on the detailed reviews and breakdowns that most of the popular youtube channels focus on, but more of my thoughts and general recommendations that I can offer to people. I'm thinking about doing a short video on TAY and Ani-TAY just so people can know about the community here. Maybe once I figure out how to use my camera/audio recorder as a webcam (my computer is a media center hooked up to a TV, so no cam) and figure out how to use Skype or Google Hangouts we can record live discussions of gaming or anime. My first two videos are recommendations of my two favorite anime, Bakemonogatari and Berserk. Here goes nothing...