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Based in the Otome game.

The Official website for the OVA based in the Otome game Trick or Alice has uploaded a new promotional and it´s release date: December 22.

Shuki Shishido is the Director, Scriptwriter and is handling the composition at AnDerCen.


Anime News Network describes the history as follows:

“The story of the original game follows Arisa Minase, a cheerful, gentle girl who lives peacefully with her kind parents and older brother, and who has a lot of friends. The story starts on the night before Arisa’s birthday, and she is eating cake with her brother when the clock strikes midnight. At the exact moment the clock strikes midnight, suddenly the ground opens beneath her feet and Arisa is taken to Wonderland where the inhabitants, who resemble people she knows in her world, all call her Alice. Arisa relives the same day in Wonderland over and over, and she must find the real Alice to be able to break the cycle and return to her own world.”


The original game came out in 2012.

Via: Anime News Network


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