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Translating Japanese Cookbooks: No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

Hello everyone it’s Umi and I am back with another post about my adventure in attempting to translate a recipe in Japanese to English. This recipe made me nervous at first, because of how pretty the example was in the cookbook. Spoiler alert, this recipe turned out awesome.

For this recipe I would like to give credit to 10 Minutes Sweets ときめく十分スイーツ (flash 10 minutes sweets) by 若山曜子 (Wakayama Yoko).



Ichigo no reachiizukeki

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

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材料 (2-3人分)

Zairyou (2-3ninbun)

Materials (Serves 2-3 people)

生クリーム 1/2カップ

Nama Kurimu ½ kappu

Fresh Cream ½ cup


Guranyou to osaji 1

1 Tbsp granulated sugar

クリームチーズ 100g

Kurimu chiizu 100g

Cream Cheese 100g


Guranyou to kosaji 1

1 tsp granulated sugar


Girija yoguruto

Greek Yogurt

(または水きりヨーグルト) 30g

(Mata wa mizukikiri yoguruto) 30g

(or drained yogurt) 30g

From what I know about Japan supermarkets, greek yogurt can be a hit or miss to find sometimes. I never would have thought to drain out some of the liquids in normal yogurt as a substitute to greek yogurt, but the taste would still be different.


いちご 6個

Ichigo 6ko

Six strawberries

As someone with a husband that loves the show Bleach, I never knew the main character’s name is strawberry. When I translated ichigo I thought to myself “hey I’ve heard that somewhere.” Now I can only picture Ichigo as a strawberry.


市販のビスケット 2-3枚

Shihan no bisuketto 2-3 mai

2-3 commercially available biscuits

I made a change here in the recipe. I got Graham crackers instead and made a gram cracker crust for the bottom instead. Personally, I thought this would taste better and make it more like cheese cake. I used 3 Graham crackers, 2Tbsp of salted butter, and a tsp of sugar. This added a salt note to the dish that the recipe was lacking. Make sure to really crush up the crackers for this.



Ichigo sosu

Strawberry sauce

いちご 50g

Ichigo 50g

Strawberries 50g

Now as a basic American, I do not know how to measure in grams off the top of my head. I Just try to remember about how much of something made a gram back in chemistry and go from there.


グラニュー糖 大さじ1/2

Guranyou to Osaji ½

½ Tbsp granulated sugar

レモン汁 (あれば少々)

Remon jiru (areba shoushou)

Lemon Juice (a little)

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1) 生クリームにグラニュー糖大さじ1を加え、つのがピンと立つまで泡立てる。

Nama kurimu ni guranyu to osaji 1 o kuwae, tsu no gapin to tatsu made awadateru.

Add 1 Tbsp of granulated sugar to the freash cream and whisk until it becomes firm (or able to stand on its own).


Again I had to endure the torture of whisking cream into whipped cream. This would not have been so bad if I hadn’t decided to start working out the day before. Keep in mind I only did like 6 pushups and my shoulders felt like death. But in the end, I whipped that cream.

2) クリームチーズを耐熱容器に人れてラップをかけ、電子レンジで20秒ほど加熱する。やわらかくなったらグラニュー糖小さじ1、ヨーグルトの順に加えて泡立て器でよく混ぜる。


Kurimu chiizu o tainetsu yoki ni hito rete rappu o kake, denjirenji de 20 byou hodo kanetsu suru. Yawarakaku nattara guranyu to kosaji 1, yoguruto no jun ni kuwaete awatatekide yoku mazeru.

Put the cream cheese in a heat resistant container then wrap it, heat in microwave oven for 20 seconds. Once soft add 1 tsp granulated sugar and yogurt in that order, mix well with a whisk.

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3) いちごソースを作る。材料をすべてミキサーにかける。

Ichigo sosu o tsukuru o zairyo o subete mikisa ni kakeru.

Create strawberry sauce. Add the materials in a mixer and mix.

I think by mixer the recipe means blender and I translated it wrong, because I used a blender.

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4) 2に1を加えて泡立て器でさくりと混ぜる。

2 ni 1 o kuwaete awatateki de sakuri to mazeru.

Add 1 to 2 and mix together with a whisk.

5) 器の底にビスケットを人れ、食べやすく切ったいちごと4を重ねる人れ、3をかける。

Utsuwa no soko ni bisuketto o hitore, tabe yasuku kitta ichigo to 4 o kasane hitore, 3 o kakeru.


Put the biscuit on the bottom of container, put in strawberries that are cut and easy to eat and then 4 and add 3.

I put the Graham cracker crust on the bottom first and let it set in the fridge while I prepped everything else. Also, I had to translate this part all on my own when it came to the sentence structure, because google translate tried to make sense of it and botched it. The numbers refer to the steps in prepping for the recipe and the computer took them as amounts and that messed up what the sentence was saying completely.

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Strawberries are not in season here just yet and I bought two containers of them knowing some would be bad in both and I could sort through them to get enough for this dish. After looking through them I had just enough. My husband said I was being too picky about the strawberries, but knowing how mold works, I removed all the strawberries touching the ones with mold also. Fun fact, the mold you see is the part of the fungus that is mature enough to start blooming and sending out spores (in other words there are networks of the fungus you cannot see). It made me sad that there were not enough strawberries for me to just eat, I love strawberries.


This recipe was awesome and I will definitely be making it again. I would make this on a larger scale for a get together (whenever it is safe to do so). I am happy I chose to do a Graham cracker crust instead of a biscuit. The slight salty note of the crust was a nice touch to the very sweet and rich dish. The strawberry sauce was nice, because it was slightly sour and paired well with the cheesecake mixture. Just over all, this dish rocked and I would highly recommend it for y’all. Besides the whisking of the cream, this recipe is very simple.

I do believe I did a slightly better job at translating this time. I am starting to recognize more words and kanji. I do still need help with the kanji, but a lot of the ones in the recipe have been in the two previous recipes and I could look back on them. Also, this time when translating I tried to identify the different particles in the sentence structure. I am still not the greatest at this.


If you made it to this point, thank you so much for reading and still being with me on this journey. I greatly appreciate all of my readers. I hope you guys stop by again next week to read another one of my translations. Hint, it has something to do with apples and bananas.

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