NOOOOOOO. I don’t need a second face competing for my avatar slot. D-:

Recently released overseas by Mangagamer, Tokyo Babel is 2012's Unlimited Budget Works VN. With dynamic scene set-ups and fights that let you see much more than the average action visual-novel, so far it’s setting up to be quite a memorable story that’s begging for a high-budget anime. It also has one of one of the most entertaining female protagonists I’ve ever seen. Thus, here is her... special... journey through the opening hours of the game. (Plus some other characters’, but they aren’t as fun.)

Tokyo Babel can’t stop the meta. D-: (I really need to go back and get more pictures of this scene...)

Truly putting first things first there aren’t we?


What else would be? I mean angels and demons are working together now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


My god what is with this girl? X-D

No, but we’re about to get some at this rate.

Agreed. Sarcasm is hard work.


D-: (Still have nothing to say about this scene 2 hours later...)

Kugutsu Sorami, practicing for her future idol audition. That or she inclines neither gender.


Unless further analysis dictates otherwise, no. Sorami is the true Tokyo Oddball.

That’s it for now. See you guys next time. Whenever that is...

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