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The People has interviewed Atsutoshi Umezawa, Producer of the series of Saint Seiya Soul of Gold, and has explained why they decided to make a series around the 12 Gold Saints instead of a new adventure for Seiya and his friends, or an aproach close to Omega (A New Generations of Saints).


Lets see that question.

ANMTV: ¿What bringed you to the decision of recovering the “Spirit” of the Clasic Anime of Saint Seiya in Soul of Gold, after all the Changes introducted on Saint Seiya Omega?

Umezawa: The First thing we though was “We want to see a new Anime of Saint Seiya!”, that was our passionate sentiment. Since the story of Seiya and Shiryu are being written by the original autor, Mr. Kurumada on the Canonic Continuation of “Saint Seiya” Titled “Saint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Hades Myth”, we felt that we needed to make a diferent story on Animation. So we asked ourselves “¿What if we present the daily live of the Gold Saints, who we haven´t drawed much in the past and were popular on the original Series?”. We wanted to see it and created it!. That was the idea of how the Project started.


He also said (The Interview is truly short, only 3 questions) that they wanted to make a History that it didn´t had any conflict with Next Dimension so thats why they decided the time and the place were Soul of Gold take place , the meantime while Seiya and friends are batling Hades and on a Anime only place , Asgard.

Also Umezawa said that they want to make more of Saint Seiya, but they need our help, so watche the series and Raise Your Cosmos to the Seventh Sense!!.


You Can read the full interview Here (Spanish)

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