Toei Animation says they haven´t given the rights for the public showing of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 130

There are various public showings for the chapter across México

Yesterday we revealed that there where various planned public showings for the 130 chapter of Dragon Ball Super; still it seems that Toei Aniamtion has got a wind of what is happening and they have said taht they haven´t givena ny right for any public showing of the already mentioned chapter.


At the same time, the rights where given to the local governments in an official way via Crunchyroll, who are the holders of the streaming rights (and the only official way to watch the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Latín América) in Latín América.

“A lot of petitions have come and we are expecting that everything would be made in an official way”


Some theories have said that what happened was an issue of misscomunication between the 3 parties: The Mexican Government, Toe Animation and Crunchyroll; still this kind of turn of events might put in danger that some (if not all) the announced events for the public streaming may get cancelled.

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