And it´s best Cameos (Dictated for me!).

30 Years Ago, Super Mario Bros. was released for the Famicom and it will become on a , not only video game icon, but a Cultural Icon! So much that he is as recognisable as Mickey Mouse.

And as anything famous, Mario got it´s chance to shine on another forms of Media. Speaking of Animated media in general , and anime in particular, it had a movie called:

Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!

Directed by Masami Hata and produced by Masakatsu Satzuki, this 1986 Film tell us the history of the original Mario Bros. Game and how both Mario and Luigi got absorbed by the Famicom and get´s to the video game World.

In there Mario will get to know it´s Waifu, Peach, and he will known that it looks like there is a prophecy that speaked of him, as the savior of the realm.


It is also funny how, more often than not, Mario transforms into a Mexican Charro, instead of an Italian stereotype.

Also that with this appearance he looks like Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican Revolutionary Hero just as big, if not more, than Pancho Villa.



The Movie it is quite entertaining and Charming, and it got even a Manga adaptation!


Anyway. Talking about the other Topics. Here it is a list of Cameos of Mario Bros on Manga/Animu!


Digimon Adventure/ Princess Karaoke.


Yeah the dress that Mimi is using, is awfully familiar to the one used by Peach and the Gekomons/Otamamons act similar as the Toads, on the mushroom kingdoom, while Tai and Joey acts similar as Mario and Luigi in which they try to save her from Shogunmon.

F-Zero : Falcon Densetsu/Mr. EAD


A Cameo for both Mario Bros and the Nintendo EAD Team, he is a character that is also playable on the video games of this franchise.

Also Yeah...

*Comment about a when a new F-Zero game will come, comes here*

Gurren Lagan/ Those Bombs.


A slightly Cameo, but Cameo nonetheless! those bombs looks like Bullet Bill!

Haiyore! Naruko San/ Yoriko


On the Chapter where Yoriko finally goes to a date with Mariho (Get it?) she get´s so happy and jumps from joy in a Mario Bros. Setting.

On this series there is also a Mario Kart reference.

Keroro Gunsou/ Keroro and Natsumi


whe they want to demostrate their device that helps to avoid reality, they got sucked in to a Mario-Esque Game.

Himouto Umaru Chan/Opening.

In The Opening of the series, one can see Umaru playing a game that it looks like a lot to Mario Kart , also there is one of Monster Hunter.


And finally...It is a charming and funny series, so yeah watch it.

World War Blue/Marcus


He is basically a fantasy form of Mario, and while he is in some way the antagonist of the first story arc, he is not a bad guy, and one can see that when one see his background and when he face Gear (Sonic) by the end.

He is the Legendary person who freed Nintenrudo for the Atarika tyranny , alongside Zerig and DOnkey Kong, and it is the one who the prohecy speaked for, the Just Plumber. He also loves coins and have a Dino Pet. Awesome!


Also yes, i´m left behind on my “In the Latest Chapter Of... World war Blue” but i will resume that soon!

And to conclude.

Happy Birthday Mario!!