Title: Goyanomachiawase | Artist: Hello Sleepwalkers | Show: Noragami

Description: Goyanomachiawase is the opening to a show that I accidentally picked up while watching during winter season 2013/14, Noragami. When I first saw this OP, I was instantly drawn in by the energetic electric guitar mixed with the more mellow percussion performance and catchy vocals. Just the energy of the song got me pumped to watch this show. As an opening, Goyanomachiawase does a great job of grabbing the audience's attention no matter what their biases are when listening to this song.

Why I picked it: Goyanomachiawase is a song I still listen to on my ipod to date. It's just such a good song. It's catchy and energetic, but it also plays well off of the visuals that accompany it. Specifically, the song greatly contrasts with the tone of the visuals to give you an idea of the narrative of the show. The way that Yato, the one with the scarf, coolly walks to the where all the stage lights are positioned and how the opening is colored sets a more melancholic tone, while the song sets a more positive tone that encourages Yato to keep moving on despite all the hardships he has to deal with. This is just fantastic because it tries in well with the events and characters of the show because the show has bleak elements that permeate through it, but despite this the characters keep moving through life with a smile on their faces. Goyanomachiawase was a fun song that worked well with the visuals of the series to get people hooked on Noragami and it worked well since Noragami was one of the top 15 animes according to My Anime List. I hope you enjoy this opening and series as much as I did and hopefully someone will finally review the series on TAY soon.