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The screenwrittter and Novelist Ellen Shanman (Right before your eyes).

The Adaptation of the Anime made by Keiichi Sato (Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, Gantz:O) has announced that the film has a writter in the person of Ellen Shanman.


Yje Hollywood reporter describes the story as follows:

“When the veteran, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi “Wild Tiger” is forced to collaborate with the fearless but cocky rookie partner Barnaby Brooks Jr. “Bunny” the two polar opposite characters must learn to work as a team to fight evil, protect the city and save each other.”


The FIlm is Produced by Brian Gazer and Ron Howard alongside All Nippon Entertainmen Works CEO Sandy Climan and Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki on behalf of BANDAI NAMCO Pictures.

“As we move forward in developing the wonderful Tiger & Bunny film, we are delighted to add a true rising star in Ellen Shanman to bring the story and characters to life,” said Howard. “Ellen’s strong, visionary, creative voice is a perfect match to adapt this wildly popular story for new audiences,”


Ellen Shanman has wrotte on the Super Hero Genre in the past with the Film “The Brokenhearted” for New Line Cinema.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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