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Thoughts on Anime I Watched this Year

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I watched a lot of anime this year - come see what I thought of them.



This year I watched a lot of anime - 8 series in fact. Here are some vague hottakes on them.


Erased: This was a good series even if there were a few weird plot leaps. However, it kept me engaged throughout and it was a pretty cool murder mystery.

Rating: 8/12 + 0.5 for the awesome ED.

Haikyu!! Season 2: I love love love Haikyu!!, and this is truly blessed for the way that it portrayed all of the volleyball games. The final point at the end of episode 24 was like “WOAHHHHH” all the way, and episode 25 Declaration of War was like “boom, wiz, bang, WOW” in my head. Too good.


Rating: 8.5/9 + 0.25 for Hitoka being bless and 0.75 for the final point of episode 24 with dat OST.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: This was cool at first, but went downhill after about the halfway point. My sister and I enjoy screaming “BIBAAAAAAAAAAA” at each other now, so that is cool and fun even if Mumei’s character arc was weirdly written. I hope we get a season 2.


Rating: 13/15 -0.75 for Mumei’s weirdness in the second half, +0.25 for Mumei being boss in the first half.

My Hero Academia: This series is epic and cool with a great cast of characters. The OST is by the composer of Haikyu!!, so unsurprisingly it is very good especially during All Might punching Nomu. Plus Ultra!


Rating: 46.5/50 + 1 point for the OST.

The Boy and the Beast: Probably not as good as Hosoda’s other movies because the arc between Kumtetsu and Kyuta being slightly less nuanced that it could have been. Still, a feel good movie which I enjoyed.


Rating: 5.5/7

Haikyu!! Season 3: Stop reading this list and immediately watch Haikyu!!

Rating: 1/125+ 1 point for every time I’ve watched the final point = 121/125 + 3 points for Kyoko, Ukai, and Takeda crying +2 points for each teary eye of mine.


Girlish Number: I like this show alot because of Chitose. Chitose is cool. Chitose is snarky. Chitose is the best. Thank goodness for Chitsose and Gojo-kun.

Rating: GAHAHAHA/10.

Until next year anime watching friends!

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