With moving back to the States and getting settled into a new job, Winter 2017 has been a really busy season for me so far. Despite the exhaustion that comes with such a transition, anime has been as strong as ever to reward the days. A majority of the series I have enjoyed are either far older or ones I started mid-Fall 2016 season and just fell through the cracks of planning a cross-continental journey. With my eyes gleaming over eventually getting around to catching up to Diamond is Unbreakable amidst taking extensive notes for various dubs the lovely readers have recommended me, I can’t help but to feel a little overwhelmed with what to watch (a very good dilemma to have, but one nonetheless).

Most of the time, franchises capture me and don’t let go until I exhaust most of my thoughts and curiosity over the material (my mother used to put a limit on the number of shows or games I could be into because I would spend all my free time analyzing them), so the expression “don’t bite off more than you can chew” creeps up when I window shop the likes of Gintama (shear size of show) and ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (just such an attractive show from the direction to the attention to details). Add in March Comes in like a lion leaving my Sunday/Monday anime viewing in a loop (love trying to figure out what to think of every week’s outing), there has been a growing necessity for an “OFF” switch on the ol’ noggin.


Enter Winter 2017 and not one, but two (TWO!!!) slice of life slam dunks. When I stumbled into the previews for this season, I anticipated one to be especially good to watch. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid sported a lot to like on paper: Kyoto Animation at the helm, lively source material well noted and an opportunity to stick out well after an absence of a horse of its color the last few seasons. While it might not have worked out as a weekly update kind of show, there was a lot of stock in it sold to my anime portfolio. Without a doubt, it has been faith well invested. Toting a lively cast, great humor, killer animation and one of the chillest soundtracks in a while, it is so easy to unwind after a Wednesday with Dragon Maid.

More of a surprise, the series Interviews With Monster Girls (or just Demi-chan for short) crept up and won me over in no time at all. Right from the pilot, it was hard to resist the intelligent writing on display as a high school science teacher pursues his lifelong dream of researching the abnormal. Rather than sling lore at the audience over these “demi-humans”, there are really fresh takes on common concepts media has taken for things ranging all the way from how vampires actually prefer blood to why snow women randomly generate ice. With every conversation the characters have, there is a very lighthearted feeling I can’t help but to feel experiencing the great vibes being thrown down by Demi-chan. Early in the week is usually my hardest to work with, so relaxation has an unexpected champion (if it speaks to how much I enjoy this one, it has been replacing my sports shows I used to initially watch coming through the door!).

I’ve heard there is a dub already airing for interviews with Monster Girls that has me rather curious- hopefully the young cast will turn out a great one!

As great as pushing my craft daily has been, it is always great to get a nice reminder of how relaxing anime can be. I think it is really important to be able to relax and just enjoy a nice ride through...well whatever it is. Anime was really introduced to me through the slice of life genre, so it can be refreshing to find my roots again back in the likes of it. Right up there with the likes of K-On!, both of these gems will shine bright on the shelf for years to come and come up clutch for otherwise frustrating slumps somewhere down the road. Until the next long forum article or Dubs w/ Dil, I hope you all have an outstanding day!

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