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The Chaos Dragon Website has streamed a new Promo of the Anime. Now Based on the history.

As you may know, Chaos Dragon was born after the RPG Sessions of 5 Anime Luminaries. The Anime will Air on July.


The Voice and Text says the Next (Taken from Anime News Network):

Narrator and Text: Our country’s name is Nil Kamui. It’s a small country. The covetous ancient country Kōran suddenly attacked, and pillaged 30% of our land. A large allied country to the east named Donatia stayed silent and only protected its own bases. Nil Kamui was suddenly cut up and discarded like a sacrificial pig by two large countries. September 3015 of the sparkling era. Our country was no longer ours.


Text: Ibuki x Simadoriru

Text: Soirot x Kinoko Nasu

Text: Ro Chenfa x Gen Urobuchi

Text: Eiha x Izuki Kōgyoku

Text: Kagraba x Ryohgo Narita

Text: The guardian diety of the island that suddenly fell into madness, “The Red Dragon.”


Text: Surrounding that power, the decisive battle will start.

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