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There's a Kickstarter to Give The Island of Giant Insects The Dub It... "Deserves"

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As good as most anime dubs are nowadays, there is something weirdly depressing in how over the past decade, we’ve lost a kind of dubbing that was synonymous with the medium: the purposefully “so bad it’s good” dub. What was once an artform immortalized in works such as Ghost Stories and High School of the Dead, its now become relegated almost entirely to mostly unofficial, abridged works. That said, it’s not outright extinct just yet.


A few months ago, in my “If Anime Studios Were Carmakers” article, I proclaimed studio Passione to be the Peugeot of anime studios, in that they were so proficient at making godawful shows that it felt like a bug that became a feature of theirs. They’d make a show, it’d be terrible in some way, and watching it would be fun for the worst reasons. Their most recent work was the infamous Interspecies Reviewers, but last year they also made an OVA that went under the radar, an adaptation of the aptly titled manga Island of Giant Insects. Now, the show was terrible, make no mistake, and normally it would’ve been forgotten on Crunchyroll, and no one would care.

However, there is a small but steady movement to crowdfund small scale releases for anime that fell between the cracks in the pre-2000s, shows like the cult classic Gunsmith Cats, for instance. However, this kickstarter in particular isn’t for a show’s preservation, and more for taking the utter piss out of it. It’s crass, very NFSW, and the short preview of the product made me bust a gut. Also, there’s a number of VAs on this who Team Four Star fans might recognize, which is always a plus for any anime dub. Feel free to kick in something if you want, like I did in the equivalent of six-thousand, nine-hundred, and sixty-nine yen, which is what this show deserves, if we’re honest.

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