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The Worst/Best Extremes in Japanese Fiction I've Seen So Far: Part 2

Just like the first part of this series, I'm (somewhat humorously) compiling a list of some of the greatest and worst extremes I've seen in manga, anime, and visual novels. Here's some more. Just like before, this is absolutely subjective, but entirely truthful.

Also like before, this is completely stream-of-consciousness and no order at all, or with any promise of quality assurance. Colorful language possible.


Fastest Falls from my Grace:

Show: Aldnoah.Zero

Episode 1: Hey! They know how physics work!

Episode 2: Isn't this just fucking Gundam AGE?

Show: Magical Warfare


The Pitch: Madhouse is making a show about a magical world war? Sounds cool.

The Actual: Are you a slice of life, a romance, an action, or a comedy? Don't even get me started on that last episode. Dear God.


Highest Bodycounts:

Show: Another


Final Destination the anime was actually quite amusing.

Also, umbrellas.

Series: Fafner in the Azure


Your favorite character might be screwed. I can never decide.

Show: Blood-C

[image self-censored]



Best Strange Concepts:

Show: AKB0048


It's an idol show, with mechs.

In Spaaaaaaaccccccceeeeeeeee-

Visual Novel: My Girlfriend is the President


Your childhood friend is the president. Your friend is the intelligence minister, your other friend is the Chief-of-Staff.

You're the Vice President.

Let the parodies begin.

Manga: My Wife is Wagatsuma-san


Otaku time-skips forward into the future and finds that he's married to the prettiest girl in school.

Justifiably wonders how the hell that happened.

Show: Date a Live


Save the world by dating harem tropes.

Best Supporting Characters:

Visual Novel: Edelweiss


This guy. THIS GUY.

Show: Aquarion EVOL


Almost makes me want the beta couple to be the official couple.


Most... Extreme Characters:

Visual Novel: Ayakashibito


Touko (and pretty much the whole main cast) hand out subtle threats like candy.

Touko even includes a smile.

Visual Novel: School Days


Without you, none of this would be possible Sekai.

Slightly shorter, but that's because I'm not doing this on a schedule. Who knows what'll be on the next one.


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