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Muv-Luv, the visual novel franchise that inspired Attack on Titan a decade ago, is now on Kickstarter to be officially localized in English for the first time. Muv-Luv Alternative, one of the novels to be localized, is considered by Japanese and western audiences to be one of the greatest visual novels in history.


The Kickstarter’s primary goal is the translation of both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, which form the Muv-Luv “trilogy”. Muv-Luv contains both Muv-Luv Extra and Muv-Luv Unlimited, while Muv-Luv Alternative is a direct sequel to the first. The starting goal is $250,000, which is within reason given the project’s popularity, but we’ll need a lot more to hit some of the best stretch goals. From the Kickstarter page:

Penned by the successful author of Kimi ga Nozumu Eien (well-known as Rumbling Hearts or “Kiminozo”), Koki Yoshimune, the Muv-Luv series started as a high school romance Visual Novel game in 2003 but quickly evolved into an epic science fiction based saga featuring an alternate world, giant aliens, mecha robots, and a complex cast of characters.

Selling more than half a million units since release in Japan alone, The Muv-Luv series has successfully made the transition to anime and manga, even spawning the “Moe Military” trend which is still raging in Japan. With over 3 million individual figurines, robot hobby models, and anime/manga sold; Muv-Luv is a force to be reckoned with and has influenced a huge number of individuals all over the world including prominent artists and creators!

This Kickstarter will focus on the localization and PC/Steam release of the first two titles in the series: Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative.


Muv-Luv Alternative currently holds a rating of 93/100 on EGS (Japanese website), making it the third-highest rated visual novel in history, whereas western audiences on VNDB have collectively given it a 9.26/10, making it the highest-rated visual novel there.

Here on Ani-TAY, several of us have already experienced this visual novel franchise, and we want you to as well. There’s a lot of coverage on the subject on Ani-TAY, you just need the “Muv-Luv” tag.


In addition, you can keep up with our coverage using the tag “Month of Luv”.

Go back it on Kickstarter!


The Kickstarter is funded. After just six and a half hours, the Kickstarter has raised $250,000 and succeeded. It’s stretch goal time.

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