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The third season of Yokai Watch premieres this Monday in USA

On Disney XD

Level- 5 has announced today taht the third season of the anime of Yokai Watch is going to premiere this monday on Disney XD. Level 5 describes the storya s follows:

“Season 3 returns with Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan as whacky hijinks around Springdale continue and a gaggle of new Yo-kai show up to create all kinds of new trouble. This time though, Nate isn’t the only one with a Yo-kai Watch! Usapyon, the rootin’-tootin’ space cowboy Yo-kai enlists the help of sci-fi superfan Hailey Anne, giving her a Yo-kai Watch of her very own, which she will use to find Yo-kai who can help Usapyon with his ultimate project: building a Yo-kai-powered rocket! Together, this new duo is aiming for the stars!”


On a related note, the games Yokai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps/ Blue Dog Squad will be coming to the west for the Nintendo 3DS and expected to be released on September 7.


Via: Anime News Network

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