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The Sunday Ani-TAY Café

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Everyone has one: a show that they watched all the way through that they thoroughly enjoyed, despite most everyone else they know hating it. For me last season, that was Akame ga Kill!. Thankfully, it didn't have universal hate on Ani-TAY like some certain other shows do. Not saying any names or anything, you guys know what I'm talking about. Akame fulfilled something for me that I didn't even realize I wanted: it was essentially a big shonen, except it was darker and had more legitimate consequences. Yeah, it had crazy things (Doc Stylish!), some meaningless deaths, and tonal dissonance, but I couldn't help but enjoy it. What about you guys?


Header from Akame ga Kill!

A Week of Ani-TAY

I actually have a complaint here, in the best way. This week was absolutely off the charts with unique content produced. Like, we averaged somewhere between 4 to 7 articles every day. This is awesome, but unfortunately makes it tough for me to pick articles to stick here, so if I don't re-post yours I apologize profusely, I still loved it. Without further ado:

First up, we have all of our Winter 2015 season first impressions from this week.


And then, of course, some more Top <insert something here> Lists!


I'll just leave this one here.


If you haven't already, read these:


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