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The Summer 2015 Season is Amazing (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my Summer 2015 anime season impressions; read the first and second parts if you haven’t already here!

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So here, I’ll be discussing another 6 anime, which have given me mixed impressions. Keep in mind these are only thoughts on the FIRST episode, without any influence from other sources, such as the manga or LNs. Art and animation won’t be discussed unless it’s exceptionally bad or exceptionally good, and ditto for sound.


Teens and supernatural powers are often an excuse for wanton destruction, but teens and powers and responsibility? Wow.


Charlotte was an anime that many were hyped for. I myself wasn’t really anticipating it too much, seeing as I didn’t really enjoy Jun Maeda’s other stuff (Angel Beats, Clannad, etc.), and as such, I was actually hesitant to watch it. But I did, and suffice to say, I think it’s pretty good.


The main character seemed to be a complete sleazebag, something I’ve never really seen before, at least until we’re introduced to his sister, who’s honestly weird as heck. Whose sister speaks in near completely formal language?! But it’s a small joke, which is also used by a certain character in Prison School. He treats his sister fairly well, which was a bit unexpected after that blistering opening in which he’s shown to be a full asshole.

All that, and I haven’t even started on the powers! Once I heard this was powers+teens, I immediately thought of Inou Battle, which has sort of the same setting, though Charlotte seems to be a tad more serious in the handling of said powers.


First Impression: Pretty Good, will be watching more.

Gakkou Gurashi

Hmm, yet another Moe Slice-of-Life, wait..... WHAT THE HELL.


I didn’t read anything about this, nor did I know of its existence, ‘til my sister told me to try out an episode. And I did. To my dismay.

I went in sort of exasperatedly, since she had told me to try it more than a few times, and when it began, I was sort of hoping it would finish already. But then I noticed the foreshadowing. From the broken windows to the barricaded hallway, it was anything but subtle foreshadowing. What’s going on?


And then the devastated room, which was shortly followed by the reveal of the zombies. Hoo boy, was that something I’ve never seen before! In terms of entertainment value, that was the biggest twist I’ve seen nearly anywhere, though only time will tell if Yuki will break, and won’t that be something to watch?

First Impression: I don’t really know if I like it :/

Ushio to Tora

A remake(?) of a pretty old anime, it had hardly garnered more than a ‘Meh’ when I heard of it.


And another ‘Meh’ I shall give. Story-wise, it’s sorta interesting, a human and a demon forced to live together and not kill each other, to their mutual benefit. And although the first episode was far from being totally boring, it doesn’t manage to make me feel invested in the story. I hardly care about a main character who seems like a ‘bad’ boy, and fights his father willy-nilly. A good example of a competitive father-son relationship is between Soma and his dad in Shokugeki no Souma. A bad example is this one. Neither of them leave a good impression, but neither do both of the girls.


One of them, Asako, is very transparently being set-up to be Ushio’s (MC) love interest. It’s already plain from the get-go. All of these points mark it to be a cut and paste shounen-style-battle-of-the-week type of show, and unfortunately, that’s not for me.

First Impression: Meh, though I’ll give it another episode.

Sore ga Seiyuu! - Seiyu’s Life!

Cool, it’s Shirobako S2 a show about child Seiyuus!


The first thought upon watching this series might possibly be to compare it to Shirobako, though I didn’t which is similar in their subject matter. Being an anime that focuses on the work of seiyuu (voice actors), it’s definitely something that most Otaku people who watch anime would enjoy, since it seems to focus more on being informative than being plot driven.

Not to say it doesn’t have plot. The story follows Ichinose Futaba, a new seiyuu and her group of Mahou Shoujo style friends, as they traverse the perilous lands of evil witches and monsters Voice Acting!


It’s a cute show, though don’t forget it’s a SoL, and as such it may not appeal too much if you prefer stories with heavier and meatier plot, though I’m enjoying it.

First Impression: Cute, worth a watch if you’re interested in voice acting!

Sekiryuu Senyaku - Chaos Dragon

I was actually sort of looking forward to this one. Two countries vying for control of a small island sounded pretty cool.


And it was. Until I saw that the main character is actually a kid. !#$!%#$%&!

Yes, I have a problem with that. I usually have problems with that kind of thing. It wouldn’t really be that big of a problem if it didn’t try to do a story which reminds me at times of Game of Thrones, for no reason. They aren’t similar, but they have the same vibe. Go figure :/


The first episode went way too fast, and tried to do way too many things. It tried to give viewers a bit of backstory in the break. I read it, and sort of died halfway through. This is an anime, but it’s trying to be a book. I’m saying that in the sense that it tries to tell its viewers everything, absolutely everything as fast as possible. Yes, this could be a good thing, if you want a fast-paced story, but it doesn’t work for me.

And the eyes. God-damn.

First Impression: Bad. I don’t want to watch another episode at all.

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhousen no Kyoukan - Sky Wizards Academy

Yer a wizard, Age! (it’s read Ay-Jee, so it works.) (Terrible pun, I’m very sorry.)


One of the ever-present harem-ecchi shows, Sky Wizards is exactly what its title say it is. I’m honestly tired of harem ecchis having a serious plot like this one does. I mean, what’s the point, really? We all know who watches this stuff.


In any case, Sky Wizards features a world that’s been destroyed by flying bugs, and humanity is forced to live on floating cities. Sky Wizards are kids that kill said bugs. And don’t forget the endless amounts of cliches and tropes, like crashing and falling down, boob grabbing, and the like.

But what the heck. I’ll still watch it. Because I’m me. And me likes this kind of stuff :/


First Impression: So so so cliche. But it’s my guilty pleasure.

So that’s it for the final part of my Summer 2015 Episode 1 impressions! This season is really good, at least for me. I don’t recall another season in which I watched 18 shows @.@


I’d also appreciate it if you guys would vote which header is your favorite!


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