Right before every season, I eagerly start up my computer, and scan through Anichart, checking to see which anime would be the next big thing for the next three months. Yes, this is yet another anime impressions article, but also a GIF-fest!

I’m almost always disappointed when it arrives though. Last season, the disappointment was Denpa Kyoushi.

Part 2 & 3 are here! Check it out:

But this season, there are so many amazing anime, that I find it difficult to limit myself. In this article, I’ll be writing only a short impression on each of the five anime on the header image, and each will have a separate impressions article after episode 3.


These five anime are the ones that I have had the most hype for, or are really good, and left a great impression after the first episode. But I’ll also be writing about all of the anime I have had the chance to watch so far. I won’t really talk too much about the production values, mainly focusing on the story and characters.

This contains the first 6 anime I’ve watched, will upload the next article with the next few soon!

So, without furthur ado, here’s the first one!

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikustsu na Sekai

Sheesh, that’s an insanely long title. I’m glad the anime itself doesn’t drag like the title.


The first episode itself left me in stitches, and my parents thought I went insane. The scene above, which is slightly NSFW, was one the best uses of random images ever.

The set-up is done relatively well, with Japan banning all forms of indecency, ranging from porn-mags to swear words, to preserve the innocence and purity of their children. It’s one of the most original set-ups I’ve ever seen, which already gives it a massive plus in my book. Dirty jokes are key in this anime, and swearing is very prevalent in this anime, though it’s mostly censored, in a humorous way. It’s not recommended you watch this with your kids though.


Character-wise, both of our MCs (Ayame and Tannukichi) seem to be fairly complex, one being the son of a dirty terrorist, and the other being intensely in love with the concept of dirty jokes. They both immediately leave a good impression, though Tanukichi seems to be shaping up as the usual shonen lead, having stupid one-liners and being a general ‘good guy’. Ayame on the other hand, is much more interesting.

Have another GIF!




The newest anime take on ‘Stuck in a game’ is also the best. Yeah, suck it, SAO and Log Horizon.


The set-up is done pretty quickly; Momonga (our MC) can’t bear to leave the game which he had already spent so much time on. And as the clock ticks past 12, he discovers that he’s been stranded in the game world.

It’s a better premise than the other two, though as usual, it requires a certain suspension of belief; it’s not the most logical of genres. We haven’t seen much of the world yet, but it should be within the boundaries of logic to assume it to be mostly similar to many other fantasy worlds; full of sprawling plains, towering castles, and dreary tombs, albeit in a darker tone.


Momonga is someone I can sympathize with. Having your favorite game shut-down after investing so much time into it will surely hurt. I myself played FFXI, and hearing that it will be shut down next year is pretty sad, though I haven’t touched it in quite a while. There’s little else to say about him as of the end of the first episode, though he seems to cope quite well with being stuck. A good sign, hopefully. The same can be said of the other characters, such as Albedo, Sebas, and Cocytus, though they’re all very interesting.


Rokka no Yuusha

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Demons are threatening to end the world, and several heroes must band together to stop this crisis.


Although Rokka has a pretty cut and pasted kind of story, it still comes down to the execution, and Rokka’s first episode was pretty great in terms of set-up and introduction. Our MC, Adlet Mayer, is the self-proclaimed ‘Strongest Man in the World’, and gatecrashes a holy tournament meant to help select the Six Heroes. This made me like him, as he immediately shows how he has talent, determination, and of course, bucketloads of self-confidence. It’s the perfect recipe for a Shounen protagonist.

There isn’t much besides that in the first episode, though it’s already managed to capture my attention. This is definitely something I’ll eagerly await every week, though I’m not too sure if everyone will like it. Again, it’s an anime in the typical shounen vein, which some don’t enjoy.


First Impression: Good, but not for all.

Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace

A mystery anime from legendary writer Edogawa Ranpo, Ranpo Kitan is definitely an anime with a high pedigree, and it seems to live up to that.


The very first episode starts off immediately on the first mystery; a teacher is dead, and one of the students, Kobayashi Yoshio, is the prime suspect. He doesn’t seem too perturbed by that fact though. In fact, he treats it as a way out of the boredom of everyday life, similar to another seemingly major character, Akechi Kogorou, a teenage detective.

This manner of handling such a delicate matter is very interesting, as the characters are treating such a case as merely a game, providing it a sense not too different from Dangan Ronpa, another anime/game that focuses on ‘the mystery of the day’ and discovering the story behind it. Ranpo Kitan is definitely a character focused anime, and hopefully we’ll see more and more interesting characters as the anime goes on, but if it focuses entirely on solving mysteries, that’s not such a bad thing either.


Ranpo Kitan is pretty gory, if the first episode and the opening are any indicator, and as such, it’s not really an anime for all. Again, it’s also a mystery anime that seems to be pretty slow-paced, which may turn some potential viewers off.

First Impression: Good, but quite niche.

Joukamachi no Dandelion

This slice of life centered around the Sakurada family, a royal group of super-powered individuals, was the most hyped show for me this season, but does it live up to the hype?


The first episode of Joukamachi isn’t really impressive. I myself don’t really watch the slice of life genre, and this show doesn’t sway me to the genre’s favour either. The first episode was at turns both too fast, and too slow. It tries to do everything, from building up character’s internal conflicts, to hurriedly explaining every single family member’s powers.

Yes, both of those things are very important, and should be done, but the way it’s handled in Joukamachi isn’t working for me. Maybe it’s the genre in general. The main character, Ayame, isn’t the most interesting. She has potential, as the anime keeps trying to show, but that often backfires on the show, as we get more of her than is necessary. Again, I’m not the most avid of SoL fans, so I may not be too sure on how shows in the genre progress, yet it doesn’t feel entirely natural to me.


But I do hope it gets better, as I feel that it’s not getting the maximum out of it’s potential.

First Impression: Not the best first episode, though it may improve.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Ecchi ecchi ecchi! This season has quite a few ecchi selections, but none as infamous as this one!


I started watching this with expectations of an anime with ecchi levels similar to High School DxD, and comedy as least equivalent to, I dunno, Baka to Test maybe. But instead, I got a mish-mash of ridiculous things that shouldn’t be mixed together.

My first and immediate problem: it’s an ecchi anime that’s lying to itself. To be fair, this is a gripe I have with most ecchi nowadays. They show the ‘nether regions’ but at the same time, try to avoid it. No, I don’t have an overwhelming need to see those things, but what I do not enjoy is a disconnect. Monmusu suffers from this problem. I could go on, but I don’t want to turn this into a rant.


So anyway, the first episode introduces us to our protagonist, Kimihito Kurusu. At first glance, he seems like those haplessly dense harem leads, except for the fact that he’s an adult. But soon, we get to see that he does have a fiercer side to him, though it seems to be in usual shounen ‘I’ll protect my loved ones’ style. This isn’t a bad thing, though it isn’t the best way to add complexity. One annoying thing is the fact that his eyes keep going funny, which quickly gets old.

The anime seemingly will try to deal with the fact that even though they’re officially recognized by the government, people will still discriminate against them, which of course, if you want to take it on a further level, could be a metaphor for racial discrimination, though I wouldn’t pay that too much heed.

Monmusu isn’t an anime that’s for everybody. Ecchi anime are rarely regarded as such.


First Impression: Annoying, even to an ecchi fan.

So overall, this season’s got a pretty great start! I’m enjoying most of the shows, and can’t wait for the next few episodes! Thanks for reading!


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