And it promotes them with an awesome anime short.

The Western/Midle East Religions are a minority in Japan, but that doesn´t mean they aren´t in there. And that not only includes Catholics, Lutherans and such, but also Muslims.

Now the Shizuoka Muslim Association wants to build a Temple where they can pray and profess their beliefs in the already mentioned city.

They decided to make an Anime vĂ­deo promoting and telling the story that Ghaza might be safe with the faith, prayer and a miracle from Alah.


The video is animated by Sakura Takagi (Kill la Kill) and Kana Kono (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods).

The Shizuoka Mosque will include a Muslim School, a Library , Kitchen, Pray Area, Kids Playroom and much more.

If the project it´s completed it will be the third Mosque in Shizuoka.

As a Religious Catholic Person i have to say that i support this. Since one of the things i like is the hability that i have to profess my Religion in both Public and Private (without shoving it to other peoples throat), so it is nice and good that the Muslim community wants to have a litle more space to profess and show to the people what truly they believe and what are their truly teachings...Not the missinterpretations of some radicals.


Via: Anime News Network