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The Second Season of Saint Seiya Omega will get a [Latin American] Dub!

After more than a year since the Dubbing of the First Season!

Acording to ANMTVLA they have close sources that the second season of Caballeros del Zodiaco Omega (Saint Seiya Omega) will finally be dubbed!.


The Dubs will be on México, just like the first season, although is unknown who will make the voices for the Pallasites, the new enemies.

Also Rossy Aguire (ShunRei Voice) has confirmed the news.

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Saint Seiya Omega is situated various years after the events of the Anime. It centers on the new generation of Saints, specially Pegasus Koga and his team.

The Second season happens litle time after the events of the first Season. After the bloody battle against the Roman War God Mars. The Earth is now invaded by the Roman Goddess Pallas and her forces, the Pallasites.


Is Still unknown if it will air on Tv or will be straight to DVD/Streaming Services.

Also i hope some more Amazing Dubs on the song, just like ins eason 1!. Just listen:


You can watch the complete series Dubbed on Crunchyroll.

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