Just 4 Days before it´s presentation.

The official website for the Anime adaptation of the Video Game, God Eater, has announced that it´s Preview screening (which would be this Sunday on Tokyo´s Akihabara UDX Theater) will be cancelled.

This was due to some “production-related circumstances,” . They also say that the fans now should look forward for the Anime premier on July 5. Which will be on Tv. So yeah, don´t expect any kind of compensation or anything.

Daisuki will stream the Anime and describes the story as follows:

The Far East, 2071.
The domain of the mad gods.

In the early 2050s, unknown life forms called “Oracle cells” begin their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth.
Their ravenous appetite and remarkable adaptability earn them first dread, then awe, and finally the name “aragami”.
In the face of an enemy completely immune to conventional weapons, urban civilization collapses, and each day humanity is driven further and further toward extinction.


One single ray of hope remains for humanity.
Following the development of “God Arcs”—living weapons which incorporate Oracle cells—their wielders are organized into an elite force.
In a world ravaged by mad gods, these “God Eaters” fight a desperate war...