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¡The Future is Now Thanks to Science!.

This Summer, on Miraikan Science Museum in Odaiba, An Exhibit geared to Children will have the Pokémon which will introduce the Litle Kids to the fundamentals of Science.


The Museum will have also a Pokémon Laba were the kids can feel like Professor Oak,Juniper,Birch or any other of the Pokémon world.

The Exhibit will have 3 Rooms. In Room 1 the visitors can look the Pokéballs and try to guess and deduce which Pokémon is in there; In Room 2 the Visitors will learn about the diferent species of Pokémon and then can clasify them by common charactheristics; In Room 3 its were they will teach you how all of the things you did in the previous rooms can be aplied to the real world...Yeah the boring room.


The Exhibit will also check the Videogame story of the Pokémon franchise and one can see the technology behind them.

So if you wanna be the new Clemont you can go on July 8. The cost is somewhat $2.50 dollars

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