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The pilot of the 90´s Live Action Saint Seiya project has been leaked

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During the Boom of the Power Rangers, Bandai wanted to create their own take on the genre.


Via some old interviews to Masami Kurumada during the first years of the XXI century, it was known that Bandai wanted to make a Live Action movie based on Saint Seiya was in the works, but ultimately such project was cancelled. Still a pilot of sorts was made, but such video was unobtainable, now some parts of the video has been presented and is as follows:

As you can see the project which it was going to be called “Star Storm” instead of either “Saint Seiya” or the international name that Toei penned for the series “Knights of the Zodiac” which makes us think that maybe Bandai was alone in the project.


The images also show us that it was a movie in the vein of the Power Rangers with some weird mix of Mortal Kombat movies. Also that they feautred a more multi-racial group in the same vein as the first series of Power Rangers and that they changed Shun´s genre to female.

On the various interviews Masami Kurumada said as follows:

“Some years Ago, a project about a Saint Seiya Live-Action Movie came to my office. In Hollywood there was a pilot of 15 minutes . But the essence of the series was not respected. The designs and the realization made us think about the Ninja Turtles and the names where changed... The project was abandoned because they couldn´t obtain a satisfactory result.” -Anime Land 2003

“The pilot of a Saint Seiya Live-Action was mad ein Hollywood. It´s great, but due that the actors had big muscles, it didn´t fit so well.” -Fuji TV 2003

“The characters used their armors above their naked torsos. But the project will never see the light. Said this, its good that this project will never be made.”- Anime Land 2005"


What are your thoughts about this curious piece of story?

Via: La siguiente dimension (Video in Spanish)

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