The Last chapter of the current season will come this week.

On the leaked pages of the newest number of the Weekly Akita Shoten´s Champion magazine it has been revealed that while this “season” of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension has come to an end, we won´t have to wait a lot for the “new season” since Masami Kurumada has anounced that this will come in Summer, a good thing since for the past 2 years we only got a “new season” once a year.

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is the canonical prequel/sequel of Saint Seiya and it show us the story of the past holy war against Hades back at the 18th century; at the same time it is a sequel since Saori/Athena goes to the past alongside Shun, Hyoga, Ikki and Shiryu in order to save Seiya who has entered in a coma after the incidents of the Hades Saga in the 20th Century.


This Season, in my opinion, was a lot better than the past one since it had some cool fights and very interesting characters in the new Gold Saints presented; still the plot is advancing somewhat slow, although the Ofiocus temple has already appeared, so the plot might come faster now.

Via: Crunchyroll Latin America (Spanish)