The new Shin-Chan Spinoff will premier on November 9

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As the past Spnoff, it will stream via Amazon.

Amazon Japan has announced that the newest Spinoff of Shin-Chan called “Crayon Shin-chan Side Story Toy Wars”. As with the oast Spnoff, it will be a series of 7-minutes shorts.

Anime News Network describes the history as follows:

“The anime’s plot is taken from the 41st volume of the original manga’s “Figure Wars” story. The story begins when toys of Oban, a character from a tokusatsu (special effects) television show, becomes popular, but also loses popualrity quickly. Many unsold Oban toys are thrown away. A bolt of lightning strikes one of these toys one day, and gives it life. Alongside other toys thrown away by people, Oban swears revenge on humans, and attacks. At the same time, Oban’s sworn enemy Chūkōnen Kamen is also given life. Chūkōnen Kamen, normally a middle-aged, overweight, and depressed man, powers up by eating cup noodles. Alongside Shinnosuke, he will fight to reclaim peace for the world.”


Via: Anime News Network

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